T&RA - charitable status update

Registered Charity No. 1167866

I am delighted to be able to inform all Members that the Charity Commission has approved the T&RA's application to become a charity. The Articles were amended (following the 28 April 2016 General Meeting) to reflect this change, a necessary step prior to the formal approval process.

I have amended and updated the website to reflect this important change and the T&RA now has Aims and Objects, which are more focused and forward-looking.

All members over the age of 21 were recently invited to complete and return a Gift Aid form, via RTO. This will permit the T&RA to reclaim additional income from your membership subscription; in turn helping us to further promote and support Tennis and Rackets. An important advantage to you is that, if you are higher-rate tax payer, your will be able to claim additional tax-relief.

If you haven't already responded, you can download the Gift Aid form below which can be signed and returned to the office; alternatively, scanned and emailed back to membership@tennisandrackets.com.

Chris Davies

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