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The Dick Bridgeman TRA Foundation (DBTRAF)

The Dick Bridgeman TRA Foundation was established in 1965. It is named after Dick Bridgeman, a man who did much to secure the future of the two games, and after whom one of the Rackets courts at Queen's is named. The DBTRAF now includes The Peter Kershaw Bursary Fund, as a result of Peter Kershaw’s generous legacy.

The DBTRAF is an independent charity which relies on annual donations and investment income. It is managed by Giles Pemberton, DBTRAF's honorary solicitor, who is a partner of Pemberton Greenish Solicitors, and its accounts are the responsibility of its Trustees.

DBTRAF makes grants towards the advancement of the games of Real Tennis and Rackets by assisting with the cost of training coaches, the repair and maintenance of courts and building of new courts and encouraging more entrants to the games at school or university. This is an essential ingredient in maintaining the health and prosperity of both games.

As a charity, DBTRAF can also benefit from reclaiming Gift Aid on any qualifying donation from a UK taxpayer, an ideal way to make your generous gift go ever further.

You can download a Standing Order mandate below, which includes the provision for Gift Aid.

Standing Order Mandate

Alternatively you can donate on-line via MyDonate


Benefactors can now make a £250 donation below.


Legacies can be left to the DBTRAF and, as a registered charity, are free of Inheritance Tax. It is always best to seek the advice of your solicitor, but suggested wording for a legacy to the DBTRAF in your will or by codicil is:

"I give and bequeath to the Dick Bridgeman TRA Foundation (Registered Charity No 313843) the sum of £........... free of all inheritance tax, such sum to be applied to the general purpose of the said charity and I DECLARE that the receipt of any person who purports to be the Treasurer, Secretary, Trustee or other proper officer of the Charity shall be a complete discharge to my trustees"

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