Amateur Rackets Singles Championship 2012

29 Nov 2012

A fantastic match was witnessed today. The final was not only watched by avid Rackets fans, but also the start of the Public Schools Singles. Hopefully stars of the future were inspired by this fantastic final. Alex displayed his dominance on court whilst Tom showed us a glimpse of what's to come. After a nervy start Alex made the first break, with a run on serve. His lead couldn't be broken and a quick first game went to Alex. The second game saw a real fight from Tom. ATB went 9-0 up and the crowd thought we were heading for an early finish, but Tom dug deep and showed the skill and determination that got him to the final. The crowd, at this stage heavily backing the underdog, were on edge as Tom came back to 9 all. This is when Alex really showed what makes him one of the best players in the world. After a few tight points and long rallies, Alex broke Tom's run and managed to secure the second game 15/9. The third game saw much of the same. Tom was retrieving fantastically well but only to be punished time and time again by Alex's pace and angles.

A first major final for Tom, at age 19 is a fantastic achievement. He is certainly one to watch for the future and many more finals to come no doubt! For Alex, his 5th consecutive Amateur Singles title, incredible. His dedication and determination keeps him at the top. Next for Alex is the British Open in January and seeing his performance this week, he'll certainly be the one to beat.

Rob Fahey was on hand to present prizes on behalf of Neptune. He thanked Queen's Club, tournament organiser Alistair Gourlay and all those that made the tournament possible. The players thanked Neptune for their incredible sponsorship and continued support in all of Rackets.


First Round

Richard Spender bt Will Nicholls 15/3 15/4 15/11

Rob Fahey bt James Fuller 5/15 15/2 15/11 15/8

Paddy Sutton bt Tom Stevens 3/15 15/9 9/15 15/10 15/10

J Giddins bt R Sutton 15/0 15/0 15/5

H Franks bt D Dundas 15/13 15/1 15/3/

R Ramsay bt A Goldie 15/12 15/10 15/13

S Higson bt F Clarke 15/0 15/7 7/15 15/8

W Morse bt D Wright 15/10 15/6 15/8

C Stout bt F Roumani 9/15 7/15 15/11 15/0 15/10

Joe Bone bt James Bailey 15/2 17/14 15/7

A Orchard bt A Gourlay 6/15 15/7 15/6 15/11

Round of 16

A Titchener-Barrett (1) bt R Spender 15/9 15/1 15/3

J Giddins bt H Franks 15/4 15/6 14/11 ret

A Coldicott bt R Ramsay 15/5 15/1 15/3

T Billings (3) bt S Higson 15/1 15/2 15/3

R Fahey bt Joe Bone 15/11 12/15 4/15 15/5 15/6

W Morse bt P Sutton 15/2 15/4 15/11

B Bomford (4) bt A Orchard 2/15 3/15 15/6 15/6 15/11

N James (2) bt C Stout 15/10 15/3 15/8

Quarter Finals

A Titchener-Barrett (1) bt J Giddins 15/5 15/9 15/4

T Billings (3) bt R Fahey 15/11 15/10 15/7

N James (2) bt W Morse 15/6 15/0 15/6

B Bomford (4) bt A Coldicott (5) 12/15 15/12 16/14 15/3

Semi Finals

A Titchener-Barrett (1) bt B Bomford (4) 15/2 15/2 15/5

T Billings (3) bt N James (2) 17/14 15/5 15/2


A Titchener-Barrett (1) bt T Billings (3) 15/5 15/9 15/5

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