Brigands Peripatetic Tournament

04 Oct 2017




Please find attached the results of the Brigands Peripatetic Tournament for 2017. If the many emails of thanks that followed from the participants are anything to go by, it was another successful tournament – competitively played, sociable, well victualled, and much enjoyed by all.


For the third consecutive year the LRTA walked away with the silver, beating the previous record of two wins held by both the IRTA and the Hurlingham Pigeons. Notably, each year that the LRTA has won has been with players who are young and mostly not long graduated. Five out of six of them are former Oxford University students, so Andrew Davies can be very proud! It is certainly great for the health of the sport that they are continuing to play and enjoy the game, despite the pressures of pursuing careers, further academic studies and the like.


Tournament Results to Date


2010       Hurlingham Pigeons           Michael Marcar & Nick Pellew

2011       Brigands                                Marek & Christopher Stefanowicz

2012       IRTA                                       Roland Budd & Rupert Derham

2013       IRTA                                       Roland Budd & David Keane

2014       Hurlingham Pigeons           Michael Marcar & Nick Pellew

2015       LRTA                                      Clare Bucknell & Sophie Dannreuther

2016       LRTA                                      Izzy Candy & Evie Fleming

2017       LRTA                                      Izzy Hunt & Chris Davies (standing in for Evie Fleming – injured)


Many thanks to Lesley for ten hours of sustained excellent marking; to Victoria for feeding us all throughout the day and laying on another tasty, four coursed, home cooked dinner; and to the Friends of Hardwick House for very kindly giving up their court again for the whole day, which is much appreciated.


We are looking forward to seeing you all again in 2018!


Kind regards

Malcolm Thorp

Brigands Tennis Club

07785 265651

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