General Data Protection Regulation 2018 UPDATE

08 May 2018

The update is complete

This is how the regulations will affect you

The update was successfully applied Monday evening. There are a few residual issues to iron out and there will be some further improvement. However everybody should now be able to log in.
  • Step 1. Enter RTO NUMBER and your OLD password
  • Step 2. Enter new password – including one UPPER CASE, one NUMBER and one SPECIAL CHARACTER (£,$,% etc) (and then REPEAT)
  • Step 3. Enter RTO NUMBER/EMAIL and your NEW PASSWORD
  • Step 4. Tick you’ve read the new PRIVACY statement - you ought to know what is there
  • Step 5. If applicable click your GIFT AID page PLEASE
You now have access to RTO.

Next time you log in you'll need your RTO number or email address

FINAL NOTE If you use the On-line booking system you will need your OLD method of logging in (your name) followed by your NEW password. You need to reset your password as above in the primary RTO site. If your OLD password still works it won't for long. This process will be changed to align with the handicap system shortly.
Apologies for the change but the T&RA must be compliant with GDPR 2018.

GDPR becomes enforceable from 25 May. Although this is European regulation, it affects all four national associations as data crosses borders and we are bound by the toughest legislation. Data can only be collected, stored and used with consent. Everything must be in plain English - so no smoke and mirrors!

This has required a data audit which has yielded some inconsistencies with modern practice. Everybody will shortly be given a new log in procedure using either their email address or RTO number and their password will be updated immediately afterwards. This will increase security and close a potential system weakness. Once the above is complete everybody will be redirected to the revised privacy statement and acknowledge it has been read and understood. Finally everybody will sign a digital consent they are happy their data is stored for handicapping purposes.

- RTO will then check the player is a member of their National Association. For T&RA Members they will be prompted to complete a Gift Aid form and then access to RTO.

- For non-T&RA members, RTO will then direct you to a page telling you what the Association does for the game and then invite you to join whether as a Full Member, a Junior Member, an Associate or (if necessary) a Data User.

Full details are included in the revised privacy statement including what is stored and why; together with an individual’s right to delete their data. Obviously that removes their handicap so it is drastic measure - but a legal requirement. The privacy statement will be live on the RTO site shortly. Its length has meant a new mechanism is needed as the forum (its current location) is character limited.

Log-in Work flow process

  1. Revise log in process for all current users.
  2. Revise password for all current users.
  3. Direct all current users to the updated PRIVACY statement – they need to click to say they have read the statement (recorded by RTO)
  4. Direct all current users to a CONSENT statement – simple but they must tick an opt in box and then submit (recorded by RTO)
  5. The RTO decision point (see below)

At this point RTO needs to distinguish between:

  1. T&RA members who should be directed to a Gift Aid declaration with pre-ticked boxes, which is then submitted electronically. Then access to RTO.
  2. Non-T&RA members – directed to join the T&RA with payment options depending on their choice

The future plan is to invest in the software and bring it up to date. It is now about 18 years old and technology has progressed. This will speed up the engine and provide a future-proof mechanism.


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