Hegarty Review - Update & Terms of Reference

19 Aug 2009

Hegarty Review Panel - Fees, Subs and Funding

Update and terms of Reference

Members may be aware that three Tennis clubs have challenged the basis on which the T&RA levies Affiliation fees on non-Members to cover the costs of everything that we provide for all players whether they are members or not. To try to resolve this issue, which has significantly impacted income in the 08-09 season, it was agreed that the 08-09 charge would remain payable but that we would initiate a review of the issue by a small Panel chaired by Judge Brendan Hegarty QC. The Panel�s Terms of Reference are:

To review the present system by which the activities of the Tennis & Rackets Association are funded and the manner in which the system operates in practice; and to make recommendations to the Officers and Council of the Association as to any changes which should be made to the system in order to improve its fairness and efficiency.

The Panel will comprise the following individuals:

Brendan Hegarty (Manchester) Chairman

Stuart Rose (Hatfield)

Jeremy Fairbrother (Cambridge)

Roger Pilgrim (MCC)

Nick Jones (Seacourt)

Brendan has been a member of Manchester for approximately 30 years and is also a member of Queen�s, Leamington, Philadelphia and Melbourne. For several years he has organised the annual Manchester Gold Racquet tournament. He is a Senior Circuit Judge with particular responsibility for commercial litigation in the Manchester and Liverpool Mercantile Courts.

We are grateful to Brendan and his panel for taking on this task.

If members wish to contribute views, thoughts and so on this can be arranged either via the T&RA Office If you�prefer to make a confidential submission directly to�Judge�Hegarty,�please contact the office in the first instance and we will provide�his details.

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