Invitation Singles 2015. Richard Owen is Champion

15 Nov 2015

Richard Owen wins the Invitation Singles beating Tom Billings three games to one

7th – 15th November 2015, The Queen’s Club



Sunday 15th November

Richard Owen bt Tom Billings 8/15 15/3 15/9 15/7

After an edgy start by both players, Tom Billings opened a 3-0 lead, which Richard Owen clawed back to 3-3. Shortly later it was 5-4 Billings, but then Billings pulled away to 9-4. A fabulous rally was finished superbly by Owen which let him back in but only for a point 5-9. Top class retrieving by Billings but Owen reduced the deficit to 6-9. Billing then regained the service, served a roller to set up the momentum and shortly held game ball, 14-6. But Owen saved the point and won two further points 8-14. Several game balls followed but eventually Billings secured the first game, 15/8.

Second game and Billings 2-0 ahead but great shot by Owen took him 10-2 ahead, forcing Billings out of position, ten points on the service hand. Billings played an astonishing shot to regain the service and a further point but again Owen plays straight down the line to take back the service and two more points 12-3. The players exchange serves but Owen made three points to take the game 15/3 and level the match.

Owen dominated the early exchanges in the third game to lead 2-0. Billings served briefly but to no avail and Owen continued to hit clinical winners into the corners to lead 10-0, eight points on the service. Billings now served to 1-10 but Owen hit a characteristic winner down the line. Owen in briefly but Billings regained composure to reduce the deficit to 3-10. They traded points to 6-13 before Billings took a serve early to regain the serve. Steady serving by Billings reached 9-13. Owen back in and won a long rally to reach game ball which he converted with an impressive service, 15/9, and with that a 2-1 lead.

Billings hit two balls into the gallery to let Owen open up a 2-0 lead, before gaining the serve. He reduced the lead to 1-2 before Owen's accuracy in the corners took back service. Owen served impressively to 11-1, nine straight points before Billing catches a hammer serve brilliantly. But again Owen responded to recover the serve and play into the extreme corners 12-1. A deft Billings touch briefly gave him some respite and the change to recover to 7-12, including an astonishing rally at 3-12, Billings' best run of the match. Owen came back into serve to win the next three point to take the game 15/7, and the match by three games to one.

The match was marked by Andrew Lyons and refereed by James Coyne. John Prenn presented the prizes in front of a packed gallery.



Group A

  • R Owen bt J Coyne 8/15 15/11 15/2 15/8
  • A Titchener-Barrett bt A Orchard 15/4 15/3 15/8
  • R Owen bt A Orchard 15/4 15/1 15/6    Watch match
  • A Titchener-Barrett bt R Owen 15/11 3/15 15/1 17/14   Watch match
  • J Coyne bt A Orchard 12/15 15/9 15/5 15/9 Watch match
  • Titchener-Barrett bt J Coyne  11/15 15/8 17/16 12/15 15/3

Group B

  • C Portz bt  A Duncliffe-Vines 15/5 13/16 15/4 15/3
  • A Duncliffe Vines bt W Morse 15/9 5/15 15/3 15/1    Watch match
  • C Portz bt W Morse 15/1 15/2 15/10    Watch match
  • T Billings bt A Duncliffe-Vines 15/3 15/3 15/8    Watch match
  • C Portz bt T Billings 15/6 18/13 2/15 15/10    Watch match
  • T Billings bt W Morse 15/6 15/7 15/7


  • T Billings bt A Titchener-Barrett 15/10 2/15 15/11 2/15 15/12  Watch match
  • R Owen bt C Portz 6/15 15/4 15/8 15/9  Watch match


  • R Owen bt T Billings 8/15 15/3 15/9 15/7   Watch match

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