Invitation Singles 2012 - Will Hopton defeats Christian Portz

28 Nov 2010

Will Hopton defeats newcomer Christian Portz in Sunday's final!

Sunday 28th November, 12 noon - THE FINAL

Will Hopton (1) bt Christian Portz (7) 3-0 15/3, 15/5, 15/4

Firstly we would like to thank the Queens Club for the use of their facilities during the event. We would also like to thank Neptune Investment Management for their continued and very generous support of Rackets.

The tournament ran very well and there were some very exciting matches during the week's play. The story of the tournament was young Christian Portz. Having left school only this summer he excelled and played with immense drive to reach this year's Final where he met the very Impressive will Hopton.

Hopton was incredibly dominant throughout the match. Portz struggled to kill the ball against arguably the best retriever in the game. This proved to frustrate Portz and Hopton was able to extend a 1-0 with relative ease. The second game drew much the same picture and Hopton was in a very consistent rythm. That, together with some strong serving, saw a 2-0 lead quickly in the bag. The last game, despite the score, offered far more closely fought rallies and on occassion Hopton was pushed very hard. But experience and consistency were the winners on the day and 3-0 was the final score 15/3, 15/5 and 15/4.

Congratulations to both finalists on a great tournament and in particular to Christain for an impressive first event. I very much doubt this is the last final we will see him in.

Thanks again and good luck to those that have entered the Amateur Singles. 


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