Invitation Singles 2014

23 Nov 2014

Queen's Club;Jamie Stout beat Tom Billings three games to one in an exciting final

The top four have now been decided. Jamie Stout dominated his group, although did drop a game against an inspired James Coyne. Tom Billings took second spot after a tense tussle with Coyne. Ryan Tulley played well after qualifying and gave Coyne a close run. In the other group, Alex Titchener-Barrett and qualifier Richard Owen were the top two, with ATB winning the decider in four games. Ben Snell beat Christian Portz but neither progressed any further.

Saturday's semi-finals saw the all-Cheltenham match, end with Stout easing into the final; whilst  a resurgent Billings proved too strong for ATB - both matches ending in three games.

The Sunday final produced an incredible match. Tom Billings started strongly before Jamie Stout responded and surged ahead. Long rallies and impossible winning shots abounded, which kept the packed gallery engaged. Stout took the first game to 11 and then a tighter second game to 7; then Billings' persistence paid off. Covering the court with ease, he nudged ahead in the third before closing out the game to trail one game to two. There was no let up in the fourth with the scores remaining close, with long rallies becoming the norm. But it was Stout who held on to win the game and the championship.

John Prenn presented the Invitation Cup, thanking Neptune's very generous sponsorship. Jamie Stout paid tribute to Tom Billings, and suggested that more close matches would certainly follow.



Sunday 23rd November


J Stout beat T Billings 15/11 15/7 12/15 15/12

Saturday 22nd November


  • J Stout bt R Owen 15/10 15/12 15/7
  • T Billings bt A Titchener-Barrett 15/12 18/17 15/6

Thursday 20th November

  • B Snell bt C Portz 15/10 6/15 15/3 15/11
  • T Billings bt J Coyne 15/4 10/15 18/17 15/7
  • J Stout bt R Tulley 15/6 16/13

Wednesday 19th November

  • A Titchener-Barrett bt B Snell 15/12 15/17 15/4 15/13

Tuesday 18th November

  • A Titchener-Barrett bt R Owen 15/9 9/15 15/4 17/15
  • J Stout bt J Coyne 2/15 15/13 15/5 15/8

Sunday 16th November

  • A Titchener-Barrett bt C Portz 15/5 15/8 15/3
  • R Owen bt B Snell 15/9 15/9 11/15 17/16
  • J Coyne bt R Tulley 15/2 7/15 12/15 15/7 15/13
  • J Stout vs T Billings 15/7 15/12 15/10

Saturday 15th November

  • R Owen bt C Portz 15/6 15/5 15/13
  • T Billings bt R Tulley 15/9 15/6 15/4


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