Neptune British Open 2014

24 Nov 2014

Camden Riviere & Tim Chisholm win the Open Doubles; Camden Riviere beat Steve Virgona in five sets to claim his first British Open Championship


Tuesday 25th November


Last year’s winners (Tim Chisholm and Bryn Sayers) were teamed up with different partners this season. World Number One, Camden Riviere, reformed his traditional partnership with Chisholm, whilst Sayers played with World Champion, Rob Fahey.

The first set was a routine Chisholm/Riviere onslaught, losing just one game. However Sayers/Fahey came out fighting in the second and started to finds their targets. However, the Chisholm/Riviere partnership held firm and took the set 6/3. The third set saw both pairs play their best Tennis and the game scores reflected the close contest. At 5-all the match could have been all over, but it was Sayers/Fahey who stood tall, winning the vital eleventh game. But now the more established pair picked up their game again and starting ruthlessly closing in on the title and it was Chisholm who struck a wonderful shot into the winning gallery to seal the match.

This proved to be a fitting game for the final and Robin Geffen was present to award the spoils to Chisholm and Riviere.

Doubles Final

Tim Chisholm & Camden Riviere (1) beat Rob Fahey & Bryn Sayers (2) 6/1 6/3 5/6 6/3

Monday 24th November


This proved to be an interesting final where differing tactics created a tense five set finale. World Number 1, Camden Riviere, started the stronger against defending champion, Steve Virgona. After exchanging the first pair of games it was Riviere who stepped ahead. Winning the vital points, he closed out the first set 6/3. In an almost complete reversal, it was Virgona who raised his game in the second set; nudging ahead and then sealing the set 3/6 with pace and athleticism. The packed galleries knew they were in for a long evening's entertainment.

The third set belonged solely to Virgona, who seemed to have an answer to anything Riviere could muster. The two players covered the court with astonishing speed, but it was the pace of Virgona which drove home the advantage - winning the set to love. With his back against the wall, Riviere then fell behind 1-3 in the fourth set; and a couple of key points could have increased Virgona's advantage. But the top seed held his nerve, clawed back the next two games to level the set, and then carried the momentum for the next three games to take the set 6/3 and level the match. Supper plans were on hold!

The final set saw more of the same cat and mouse Tennis, breathtaking at times but always engaging. Riviere nudged ahead, using a little more pace, but Virgona came back again. Neither player was tiring, but it was Riviere who came through this tightest of sets, punching the air as he claimed the set 6/3, and the British Open Championship for the first time.

Robin Geffen, of Neptune Investment Management, presented the prizes; Camden Riviere responded acknowledging the generous sponsorship which has been graciously extended for the next five years.

Singles Final

Camden Riviere (1) beat Steve Virgona (3) 6/3 3/6 0/6 6/3 6/3

Sunday 23rd November


  • Rob Fahey & Bryn Sayers (2) beat John Lumley & Conor Medlow (6) 6/3 6/2 6/0
  • Tim Chisholm & Camden Riviere (1) beat Nicky Howell & Jamie Stout (5) 6/1 6/2 0/6 6/2

Saturday 22nd November

Defending champion, Steve Virgona, eased past world champion, Rob Fahey, in four closely fought sets. Both Fahey and Virgona held game/match points in the tightest of eleventh games in the fourth, with both recovering virtually impossible shots and hitting their targets. In the end, it was one match point too many. World number one, Cam Riviere, proved too strong for local professional, Bryn Sayers, playing astonishing winners from the tightest of angles. Sayers rallied but Riviere was too accurate in the last two sets.



  • Steve Virgona (3) beat Rob Fahey (2) 6/3 1/6 6/4 6/5
  • Camden Riviere (1) beat Bryn Sayers (4) 6/3 6/1 6/0

Friday 21st November


  • Rob Fahey & Bryn Sayers (2) beat Ben Matthews & Lewis Williams 6/1 6/0 6/1
  • Nicky Howell & Jamie Stout (5) beat Kieran Booth & Chris Chapman (4) 6/5 6/5 5/6 6/4
  • Tim Chisholm & Camden Riviere (1) beat Josh Bainton & Rich Smith 6/0 6/0 6/1
  • John Lumley & Conor Medlow (6) beat Matthieu Sarlangue & Steve Virgona (3) 3/6 6/4 6/3 1/6 6/3

Thursday 20th November

A five setter to start the day and one at the end. Bryn Sayers and Ben Matthews produced a supreme and memorable encounter - once again - which ebbed and flowed as each gained the ascendency. First Matthews led and then Sayers; then it was all square again. The final set was equally tight until 2-all, but then a run of four games secured the win for the home professional. Camden Riviere then knocked out Jamie Stout in straight sets; both world number ones in their respective sports. Likewise Rob Fahey defeated a spirited Kieran Booth in three sets, overcoming a KB onslaught in the first set. The final match saw Chris Chapman continue his extraordinary form to lead Steve Virgona by two sets to love - albeit both were extremely tight. Following an injury break, Virgona surged back taking ten games in a row and finally level the match at two sets all. At one game all in the fifth, Chapman turned quickly and twisted his ankle. Despite a short break, it was inevitably Virgona who won the critical set and the match.


  • B Sayers (4) beat B Matthews (7) 5/6 6/3 6/5 4/6 6/2
  • C Riviere (1) beat J Stout (8) 6/1 6/2 6/1
  • R Fahey (2) beat K Booth (6) 6/3 6/1 6/1
  • S Virgona (3) beat C Chapman 5/6 4/6 6/0 6/3 6/2

Wednesday 19th November

(All Second Round)

  • Camden Riviere (1) beat Rod McNaughtan 6/1 6/1 6/0
  • Kieran Booth (6) beat Nicky Howell 6/0 1/6 6/4 6/3
  • Rob Fahey (2) beat Darren Long 6/0 6/1 6/1
  • Chris Chapman beat Tim Chisholm (5) 5/6 5/6 6/4 6/5 6/2
  • Steve Virgona (3) beat John Lumley 6/1 6/3 6/0

Tuesday 18th November

(First Round unless indicated)

  • Nicky Howell beat Andrew Fowler 4/6 6/2 6/1 5/6 6/5
  • Darren Long beat Andrew Lyons 0/6 6/4 6/3 6/2
  • Jamie Stout (8) beat Craig Greenhalgh (Second Round) 6/3 6/3 6/2
  • John Lumley beat Jon Dawes 6/3 6/1 6/2
  • Ben Matthews (7) beat Claire Fahey (Second Round) 6/1 6/0 6/0
  • Bryn Sayers (4) beat Peter Wright (Second Round) 6/2 6/1 6/1

Monday 17th November

(All First Round)

  • Josh Bainton & Rich Smith beat Andrew Lyons & Andrew Fowler 6/5 5/6 6/1 4/6 6/5
  • Ben Matthews & Lewis Williams beat Will Burns & Jon Dawes 6/6 6/2 6/5
  • Nicky Howell & Jamie Stout (5) beat Rod McNaughtan & Claire Fahey 6/2 6/1 6/0
  • John Lumley & Conor Medlow (6) beat Chris Bray & Peter Wright 6/1 2/6 6/1 6/2

Sunday 16th November

(All First Round)

  • Craig Greenhalgh beat Will Burns 3/6 5/6 6/5 6/2 6/3
  • Chris Chapman beat Conor Medlow 6/5 6/3 6/3
  • Claire Fahey beat Mark Mathias  6/2 6/5 6/5
  • Peter Wright beat Rich Smith 6/1 6/4 6/4
  • Rod McNaughtan beat Charlie Crossley 6/1 6/1 6/2

Doubles Draw

Singles Draw

Doubles Qualifying Draw

Singles Qualifying Draw

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