Rackets Return to Play - Schools

02 Mar 2021

T&RA Guidance for Schools

From Monday 8th March school in the UK will open. The government has given schools the flexibility to decide how physical education, sport and physical activity will be provided while following the measures in their own system of controls.

For sport provision, outdoor sports should be prioritised where possible, and large indoor spaces used where it is not, maximising natural ventilation flows (through opening windows and doors or using air conditioning systems wherever possible), distancing between pupils, and paying scrupulous attention to cleaning and hygiene. This is particularly important in a sport setting because of the way in which people breathe during exercise. External facilities can also be used in line with government guidance for the use of, and travel to and from, those facilities. 

Competition between different schools should not take place until wider grassroots sport for under 18s is permitted.

The T&RA considers that a Rackets court is a suitably large indoor space, although stresses that maximum ventilation should be provided in line with the school's covid-secure plans. Recognising the current unique position of schools the T&RA has produced the following guidelines for Rackets in schools to be used in as far as they adhere to each school’s policies and risk assessments.

  • Rackets can be played (including competitive matches) within, but not between, the school’s ‘bubbles’ or ‘households’.
  • Social distancing should be maintained as far as possible during the warm-up.
  • Balls should be changed regularly, at least between play by different bubbles.
  • Hands should be sanitised before going on court, after play, and is recommended between games.
  • Unnecessary contact between players is to be avoided.
  • Players are to be discouraged from touching the walls, raising their voices or touching their faces while on court.
  • The court, gallery, office and entrance to the building should be ventilated as much as is reasonably possible.
  • Play should be scheduled to avoid congestion around the court, gallery, office and building.
  • Pupils are to use their own racquet where possible; communal racquets should be sanitised after use.
  • Professionals are advised to coach from the balcony as much as possible; where it is necessary for the professional to be on court, they should maintain social distance from the pupils and not play singles or doubles with the pupils.

The full guidelines can be downloaded here.

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