Real Tennis Limerick Competition

Updated: 26 Feb 2021
Published: 05 Feb 2021

The winners have been announced


Real Tennis Limerick Competition Results

Well, that’s it for the limericks. A happy winter interlude. We learnt a lot about members and a lot from the Earl of Limerick about limericks. So, very many thanks to all of you who have participated, both the writers and the voters.

The breadth and the wit of all the entries have taken us utterly by surprise. We knew, of course, that Real Tennis players could hit balls, but we did not know that they could also write cobblers.
I would also like to thank Chris Davies, Chief Exec, for allowing me to run the crosswords last summer and this limerick competition. Furthermore, I would like to thank Jemima Murray-Poore who would win any World Champion PA competition, James McDermott who won the crossword competition and has provided a voice of reason in any contentious issues in the limericks and Sue Hamlyn who agreed to act as tie-breaking judge.

Tim Harper 

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