Real Tennis TV - Live from Lord's - Varsity update.

22 Feb 2011

Varsity match updates - live on Real Tennis TV,
with a further new exciting broadcast coming up

Saturday 26th February from 10.30am (GMT)

Photo courtesy of Tim Edwards

This Saturday�we will be broadcasting the second day of the Oxford vs Cambridge varsity match from Lord's. The Saturday is�the climax of this event and will include two womens' doubles and the four mens' singles in front of a packed and noisy dedans.

After the first day Oxford women lead 3-1 after the singles and Cambridge men lead 2-0 after the doubles.

Saturday's schedule (Oxford names first)

Maggie Henderson-Tew (Regent's Park) and Alexandra Walvis (Ch Ch) vs Helen Morgan-Rees (St John's) and Charlotte Breen (Catz)

Vicky Ormerod (Merton) and Christina Fast (Ch Ch) vs Lucie Browning (Fitz) and Kimberley Green (Trinity)

Alex Evans (Worcester) vs Jules Camp (Corpus)

Johnny Beale (LMH) vs Ali Hakimi (Darwin)

Simon Roach (LMH) vs James Watson (Trinity Hall)

Sam Halliday (Trinity) vs Robert Hird (Trinity)

So join�on the morning of the 26th and watch some great tennis together with commentary and interviews with the Oxford and Cambridge players, coaches and alumni! We hope to be live online from about 11am depending on how long it takes to set up our gear.

As ever you can email questions and comments to

The 2011 European Open

March 8th Semi-Finals at 4pm

March 9th Final at 5pm (and Pro-Am from 9am)

There is a fantastic draw for this event with Rob Fahey, Bryn Sayers, Jamie Stout and Tim Chisholm all competing for this prestigious title. The full draw can be seen on the�IRTPA website -

The broadcast will have commentary with our real tennis experts as�well as interviews�with players and personalities.


High Quality Webstreaming costs money to hire equipment, technicians, webstream the broadcast on the server and store in the archive.

As fellow real tennis fans, we are prepared to do this at cost but we need your support to stream in the highest quality so please donate or buy a banner ad for these broadcasts.

To buy an ad�please contact Freddy Adam ( or Paul Brown (

Join Freddy and Paul on the 26th and spread the word.

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