Release from lock-down (Tennis)

Updated: 22 Jul 2021 Updated summary
Published: 23 Feb 2021

Real Tennis singles and doubles permitted

T&RA Statement updated 22nd July

The move to Step 4 saw the removal of a large number of restrictions, with no set restrictions on how many people can take part in sport and physical activity, with no restrictions on numbers or capacity limits for clubs or schools.

The following simple overarching guidance of key considerations for Tennis and Rackets clubs, professionals and players is a summary of relevant Government guidance. Sport England have also published useful FAQs.

However, the government expects clubs and individuals to remain alert that the pandemic is far from over, and to be aware of the likely symptoms of COVID-19 and take such measures as to avoid the unnecessary spread of the virus.

The T&RA wishes to remind its members that the transmission appears to be primarily airborne, and that the key interventions are increasing ventilation to the maximum extent possible, minimising time in closed spaces (e.g. changing rooms) and, where plausible, leaving gaps between courts. Doubles undoubtedly presents more risk than singles, but this can be mitigated by avoiding the closest of contact.

However, the government has shifted the emphasis and legislation will now become guidelines. HMG expects clubs and individuals to remain alert that the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, and to be aware of the likely symptoms of COVID-19 and take such measures as to avoid the unnecessary spread of the virus. You should not visit your club if either tested positive or have the symptoms.

There are no indoor capacity limits, however clubs may put in place some restrictions and guidance for enclosed areas in accordance with their own risk assessments.

Clubs should have completed a recent risk assessment, ensure the court is ventilated as optimally as possible and maintain a regular cleaning regime. Changing rooms may open but try and encourage your members to arrive changed.

The T&RA has reviewed its Playsafe Guidelines for Step 4 which have been updated for the post-lockdown period. Latest version 22nd July.

The T&RA is deeply grateful to all its members who canvassed HMG/DCMS alongside the T&RA and the other governing bodies. There have been some varied responses, mainly saying it was just too complicated to distinguish sports into different categories, which was very disappointing and a little lame.

The T&RA remains committed to the education of our sport ministers at DCMS, emphasizing the illogicality of some of the government decision making. We have maintained the position throughout the pandemic that Tennis Clubs are large spaces, where players are naturally socially distance by design. We are aware that many clubs have suffered real financial challenges so it is vital that we protect these community assets.

Play Safe Guidelines v11 (22 July)

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