Neptune British Open Championship 2012

20 Nov 2012

Singles Champion - Bryn Sayers: Doubles Champions Rob Fahey and Steve Virgona


Tuesday 20th November

Doubles Final

18:30 Rob Fahey/Steve Virgona (1) bt Kieran Booth/ Bryn Sayers (3) 6/2 6/3 6/0

Revenge for Rob Fahey after last night's defeat in the Singles Final. Partnered by Steve Virgona, the world doubles champions proved too much on the night for the valiant pairing of Bryn Sayers and Kieran Booth. The contest was defined by ferocious ground shots and devastating volleys, although Bryn and Kieran held their own through the first two sets.

Both pairs quickly settled into the first set, but it was the defending champions who made the first move. Once they had the momentum, they closed out the set 6/2. They carried this forward into the second set but Bryn worked the back walls with his usual tenacity, and Kieran volleyed imperiously, often against venomous deliveries heading for the grille or galleries. However, with Rob in form and picking out the winning gallery and Steve in breathtaking form, the second set headed towards its conclusion, with the champions winning 6/3; a two sets to love lead. The third set sounds one-sided, but Steve in particular was playing a mixture of raw power and delicate cut which proved irresistible. As the championship was sealed without further loss of any games, the watching supporters clearly could have watched more. Robin Geffen of Neptune Investment Management presented the stunning trophies and commented that he could easily have watched a best-of-seven encounter!

In summary, magnificent Tennis by all four combatants, who each played their role impeccably in an unforgettable finale.

Monday 19th November

Singles Final

18:30 Bryn Sayers (4) bt Rob Fahey (1) 2/6 6/5 6/1 6/5

Bryn Sayers overcame the phenomenon which is Rob Fahey to win the Neptune British Open 2012. Starting slowly, Bryn lost the first set 2/6 before a remarkable comeback from 0-3 in the second, winning 6/5 to turn the tide. The flow became a flood in the third as Bryn raced through 6/1, and a two sets to one lead. Rob then responded in the fourth, taking a 4-0 lead but his tenacious opponent fought back to 4-all, and then 5-all, before winning the all-important eleventh game.

The match was a remarkable feast of high class Tennis. Rob showed his traditional power and anticipation, but at times lacked his penetrating railroad service. His younger opponent covered the court, returning seemingly impossible shots, in turn pushing Rob to even heights to put the ball away. Bryn’s high serve dropped steeply, tight to the back wall, testing Rob’s cut volley return. However, the World Champion fought hard and kept himself in the game with fabulous anticipation to defend the grille and the galleries. Both players hit powerful main wall boasts, punishing any loose serves.

As Bryn collected his prize from Neptune’s Robin Geffen, he acknowledged the contribution made to the game by his childhood hero, Rob, who has been at the top of the world order in Tennis ever since Bryn first picked up a racquet. Bryn is testament to the Junior coaching programme and the Academy, every inch a true British Champion.

Sunday 18th November

Doubles Semi Finals

14:00 Kieran Booth/ Bryn Sayers (3) bt Camden Riviere/Ben Ronaldson (2) 6/5 5/6 4/6 6/4 6/2

16:00 Rob Fahey/Steve Virgona (1) bt Conor Medlow/John Lumley 6/2 6/0 6/3

Bryn Sayers and Kieran Booth won though a five set thriller against Camden Riviere and Ben Ronaldon. Both pairs had their periods of ascendancy, with Cam and Ben leading two sets to one at one stage. Champions and top seeds Rob Fahey and Steve Virgona overcame the young pretenders, Conor Medlow and John Lumley, in straight sets. Conor and John have staged a successful campaign, beating seeds in the last two rounds; however Rob and Steve were in irresistable form.

The stage is now set for Tuesday's final - another exact repeat of last year's match. But will Bryn and Kieran be able to overcome the World Champions and current holders??

Saturday 17th November

Singles Semi Finals

14:00 Rob Fahey (1) bt Camden Riviere (3) 6/5 6/5 6/4

16:00 Bryn Sayers (4) bt Steve Virgona (2) 6/4 6/2 2/6 6/4

In the first semi-final, Camden Riviere ran Rob Fahey very close for three tense sets. Both players exchanged astonishing shots, with Rob's accuracy and determination matched by Cam's speed and agility. The first two sets were there for the taking, but it was Rob who secured both with gritty resolve. The third, and what proved to be the final, set was equally tight, but Rob was now playing with his usual champion's confidence and was able to nudge ahead and reach the final.

The second semi-final paired the Final Eliminator protagonists and a repeat of last year's semi-final. It was Bryn who struck first, winning a close opening set after a slow start saw Steve open a 3-0 lead; then, gaining in confidence and able to match Steve's power with firm volleys, he took the second set in style. But Steve, world number two, then hit back hard to secure the third set and give himself a fighting chance. But the fourth set saw Bryn once again inch ahead to approach another memorable win, finally achieving this on his fourth match point. Revenge for defeat in the Eliminator and a repeat of last year's semi-final.

Monday's final will be a repeat of last year, when Rob won in five sets. Rob will be looking to secure his tenth consecutive British Open; Bryn looking to go one better that last year.

Friday 16th November

Doubles Quarter Finals

12:00 Camden Riviere/Ben Ronaldson (2) bt Adrian Kemp/Ricardo Smith 6/2 6/2 6/2

14:00 Kieran Booth/ Bryn Sayers (3) bt Jon Dawes/Ben Matthews (6) 6/3 6/2 6/2

16:30 Conor Medlow/John Lumley bt Chris Chapman/Nick Wood (4) 4/6 6/3 6/3 6/3

18:30 Rob Fahey/Steve Virgona (1) bt Chris Bray/Josh Dodgson 6/3 6/1 6/3

Thursday 15th November

Singles Quarter Finals

12:00 Camden Riviere (3) bt Andrew Fowler 6/0 6/1 6/0

14:00 Bryn Sayers (4) bt Chris Chapman 6/1 6/4 6/2

16:30 Rob Fahey (1) bt Ben Matthews (5) 4/6 6/2 6/4 6/5

18:30 Steve Virgona (2) bt Kieran Booth (6) 6/1 6/0 6/0

Both Cam Riviere and Steve Virgona were impervious to secure their passage to the semi-finals, with straightforward victories over Andrew Fowler and Kieran Booth respectively. Bryn also won in straight sets, although Chris Chapman put up determined resistance. Rob Fahey beat Ben Matthews in four, having lost the opening set and being within two points of needing a fifth set. Of note, five Aussies in the QFs and a first QF for Andrew Fowler.

Wednesday 14th November

10:00 Rob Fahey (1) bt John Lumley 6/2 6/2 6/0

12:00 Chris Chapman bt Ricardo Smith (8) 6/3 6/0 6/1

14:30 Bryn Sayers (4) bt Matty Ronaldson 6/0 6/1 6/0

16:30 Kieran Booth (6) bt Mark Hobbs  6/1 6/1 6/2

18:30 Steve Virgona (2) vs Andrew Lyons 6/1 6/1 6/2

Tuesday 13th November

10:00 Mark Hobbs bt Lewis Williams 6/2 6/4 6/4

12:00 Camden Riviere (3) bt Tom Durack 6/0 6/2 2/6 6/3

14:30 Ben Matthews (5) bt Josh Dodgson 6/0 6/1 6/1

16:30 Andrew Lyons bt Conor Medlow 1/6 2/6 6/5 6/4 6/3

18:30  Andrew Fowler bt Dave Woodman (7) 6/4 6/4 1/0 retired

Monday 12th November

12:00 AJ Kemp/Ricardo Smith bt Adam Phillips/Matty Ronaldson 6/3 6/3 6/3

14:00  John Lumley/Conor Medlow bt Alistair Lumsden/Andrew Lyons (5) 6/5 6/3 6/2

16:30 Jon Dawes/Ben Matthews (6) bt Rod McNaughtan/Mattieu Sarlangue 6/3 6/3 6/2

18:30 Chris Bray/Josh Dodgson bt Tom Durack/Peter Wright 6/2 6/2 6/0

Sunday 11th November

09:00 John Lumley bt Will Burns 6/2 4/6 6/0 6/2

11:00 Andrew Fowler bt Marc Seigneur 6/3 6/1 5/6 6/3

13.00 Josh Dodgson bt Angus Williams 5/6 6/4 6/4 6/3

15:00 Tom Durack bt Darren Long 6/2 5/6 5/6 6/2 6/5

17:00 Chris Chapman bt Mattieu Sarlangue 6/1 6/1 6/2

19:00 Matty Ronaldson bt Peter Wright 6/1 6/4 3/6 3/6 6/4


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