T&RA Easter Newsletter 2021

08 Apr 2021


The T&RA Easter Newsletter

What a difference to this time last year! In March 2020, we all entered the first Lockdown with trepidation and much uncertainty. There was no real ending, but we all thought it couldn’t last long. Roads were largely empty, public transport ghostly; but then we emerged with some hope, albeit Real Tennis and Rackets weren’t quite the same. But as the summer (and subsidised meals) receded, it became apparent we were heading for a second wave and Lockdown Two; followed by a brief interlude while we explored Tiers but then the door being slammed shut for Lockdown Three.

Throughout all this time, the Tennis & Rackets Association has worked tirelessly on your behalf. Relationships with other National Governing Bodies have been built up and nurtured, all working with Sport England to keep the flame alight that sport matters. We have researched best practice, worked through the science (and the speculation), and interpreted each new proclamation from the Government – all written in language we can all understand. Guidance and advice changed often, but always evolving and everything was designed to keep you safe while trying to play our games. You played your part too and thanks to everybody who canvassed their local MP, asking them to elevate their concerns to the Minister of Sport.

We had the occasional victory, such as convincing the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) that Tennis is a naturally socially distanced sport. We all know this and now they do too; this meant singles was permitted (albeit briefly) during Tier 2 in late 2020. This is the same argument we are currently pursuing, via Sport England, to DCMS. We are close and the logic that suggests a player can have a one-to-one lesson with their professionals is not a great conceptual leap to playing singles. Rackets has been more difficult as the social distancing has been artificially enforced by Zones, playing only one side of the court, but it is progress.

We are now coiled on the brink of a cautious release from lockdown in just over a week, subject to the four Government tests being satisfied. We should know the final detail after Easter but, if we do not win the singles concession, it doesn’t mean the T&RA will stop pushing the cause. We are keen to see you all back on court, playing Tennis and Rackets as they should be played; but it has to be safe which is why we aren’t pushing forward blindly.

Over the summer, we are thinking about some catch up options for both sports, for those who want to see some competition. Thereafter, we are already starting to think about 2021/22 and the genuine prospect of producing a fixture card – that is real progress!

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Investing in Professionals

We have some very exciting news that the first apprentice on the Investing in Professionals programme is due to start on Thursday 8th April at Middlesex (MURTC).

Keep an eye out on our website and social media for the full announcement.
by Chris Ronaldson

The world of Real Tennis has changed a great deal in the fifty years since Chris Ronaldson started work as a professional. A player from 1971 or earlier would find that the game itself has changed little, just a rule refinement here and there, but he (and it would be a ‘he’) would find almost all contemporary clubs transformed in atmosphere, with increased levels of activity and a greater variety of players. The game is in far better health than it was in the early 1970s and has a sense of global identity for the first time.

To pre-order please email: or Click here for more information.

Le Jeu de Paume / The Game of Tennis
by Eugene Chapus

Facsimile edition of 2006 (350 copies) of French original of 1862; the major French book on Paume of the 19th century.

£125 plus £5 UK postage or £15 worldwide airmail postage.

All enquiries about this book can be made through the T&RA website. 

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Hammer Time - Rackets Podcast #5

Peter Cipriano interviews the former World Champion and all time Rackets legend, Willie Surtees.
A View from the Hazards - Tennis Podcast Episode 49

Awards time! Best shot, best win, some interesting nominations/winners. Back to where it all started, the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club.
New Rackets Section of the T&RA website
The Rackets section of the T&RA website has been updated and we welcome you to take a look. 
We hope you have a lovely Easter and look forward to seeing you on the court very soon!

Best wishes 

The T&RA Team

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