Washington Court Tennis Update

Updated: 02 Jun 2021 Latest situation
Published: 28 Sep 2020

Update - June 2021

Washington Court Tennis Update
Washington Court Tennis Update

This is an update and progress on the replacement for Prince’s Court to be built at Westwood Country Club, and includes a timeline going forward.

  • The agreements between Westwood Country Club and the US Court Tennis Preservation Foundation have been signed.
  • The $3.2 million we needed to have in hand by March 1 was raised with about six weeks to spare.
  • The building permits are expected in July.
  • The steel building in which the three tennis courts and the court tennis court will be housed is scheduled for delivery on August 25.
  • Completion of construction is planned for April 2022.

The project team have been meeting weekly with the design team including the very talented architects at MTFA. Here are some links that will show you how the major court tennis spaces will look.

The court

The Grassi Room

The Martin Room

The Mezzanine

When the image appears, stand up and spin yourself around to see what it will be like to be inside the court and each of the rooms. The palette of the court is accurate; the colours of the other rooms have yet to be chosen.

The team are now working now on some important improvements to the court. Washington will be the only court in the United States that was not built using the “Bickley” process. The modern equivalent is a tough, smooth plaster coating called Armourcoat, which gives the wall the smoothness needed for high-level play. While much cheaper than Bickley’s method, it is more expensive than the current solution. Important improvements are being made elsewhere on the court and in the surrounding rooms.

COVID has provided some surprises. It is possible to do a fund-raising campaign almost entirely over Zoom, which was good news, but pent-up demand, tariffs and a tight labour market have been unhelpful to construction costs. The steel costs alone have increased by $150,000 since last June.

The team will be undertaking a second round of fundraising that will last through this year and into next.

Those who have not yet had an opportunity to join in this project will be approached, but inevitably the team will also be in touch with existing donors. Happily, the construction cash flow requirements will allow some contributions to be made in early 2022.

Changes to the capital gains rate may make it particularly advantageous for some to donate appreciated stock, particularly given the meteoric rise in stock prices since March 2020.

The opportunity at Westwood was offered a little over a year ago. The project considers themselves to be remarkably fortunate to be in the current position, and it is thanks to the generous donors.

With sincere appreciation,

Haven Pell

On behalf of Vern Cassin, President, Charlie Katz, Mary Livingston and John Motz


Simply follow the directions at the end of this page to make your charitable donation today.

The architects have created 3-D models of the new court and viewing galleries!

Click on the links below. Look around the court by moving your phone or clicking and dragging with your mouse.

Tennis court panorama

Above the Dedans

Upper galleries



As many in the game know, Prince’s Court and the Washington court tennis community have been working for years to find a long-term home. We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement to build a new court at Westwood Country Club, located in Vienna, Virginia. If successful, this move will secure the long-term future of court tennis in the D.C. area and prevent the loss of one of 10 active tennis courts in the United States.

Westwood was selected after a five-year process that considered over twenty sites. As a successful, member-owned club with first-class golf, tennis, and clubhouse facilities, Westwood is an ideal partner for our club. And with unparalleled viewing for competitive play and a convenient location between Dulles and National airports, we look forward to welcoming visitors and tournament players for many years to come.

But we cannot do it without your help. Due to Westwood’s schedule for other capital improvements, we have only five months—until February 2021—to raise a total of $3.4 million. With full participation from the D.C. membership, and significant support from the Grassi, Martin, and Prince families, we are already 77% of the way to this goal. But we have reached our limits internally, and are now asking for help from the tennis community to raise the remaining $750,000 we need to cross the finish line.


To donate to the Washington Court Tennis through the T&RA scan the QR code on your phone or click here.


Current concept study Washington website Donate to the Washington Court via the T&RA

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