World Masters 2013

15 May 2013

May 2013

Danby Trophy held at Tuxedo Park

GB beat Australia 3-0


John Pickup & Nick Danby beat Tim Hurburgh & Paul Wheeler 6/2 5/6 6/5

John Ward & Willie Wilks beat James Guest & Gary Lee 6/0 6/0

David Brazier & Paul Danby beat Gary Lee & Bob Malseed 6/0 6/0 

The U.K. Danby Cup roster was Robin Barlow (Captain), David Brazier, Nick Danby, Paul Danby, John Pickup, John Ward and Willie Wilks. Day 1.  John Pickup and Nick Danby took on Paul Wheeler and Tim Hurburgh of Australia, in the #1 doubles spot. What a fantastic match! After 2 hours of play, Pickup and Danby prevailed 6/2, 5/6, 6/5.   The crowd exited the dedans buzzing about the standard of tennis and wondering what the next two matches would bring.  Unfortunately for the Australians, the pairings of Paul Danby and David Brazier @ #3 and John Ward and Willie Wilks @ #2 proved too strong for Gary Lee and Bob Malseed and James Guest and Gary Lee respectively.   The U.K. takes the 1st Danby cup match 3-0. The Americans went on to beat the Australians, meaning the final day of play (against the US) would decide the Danby Cup Champions 2013.  The #1 doubles match starts play with Ralph Howe & Dick Tanfield (USA) vs. Nick Danby & John Pickup (UK). Based on the results of the first days play, Danby and Pickup look to be slight favourites going into this match. Howe & Tanfield obviously had other thoughts as they rolled to a 6/2 6/1 victory and early 1-0 match lead for the Americans.  Will the Bostwick & DeSvastich pairing be able to continue their torrid play from a day earlier against the UK pairing of Brazier & Barlow? A highly anticipated match for the crowds in the dedans, and many fantastic rests provided great entertainment, but the Brazier/Barlow team proved too strong and won 6/1 6/1.  The 2013 Danby Cup now down to the #2 doubles match.  Michael Flinn & John McLean (USA) vs. John Ward and Willie Wilks (UK). And this match certainly held up to the advanced billing! A three set thriller won by the UK 6/4 4/6 6/1.

The UK wins the 2013 Danby Cup! 

Bostwick Trophy held by UK without dropping a set

Great Britain v Australia

1st singles Duncan Colquhoun beat Wayne Spring 6/1 6/4

2nd singles Paul Weaver beat Dick Friend 6/0 6/0

1st doubles Alan Fine/Richard Moore beat Mike Mcauley/Rob Jolly 6/5 6/4

2nd doubles Bernard Weatherill/Andrew Hamilton beat Graeme Holloway/John Faull 6/2 6/0

3rd doubles Jamie Bebb/Jill Newby beat Alan Willingham/Henry Turnbull 6/5 6/1

Great Britain v USA

1st singles Duncan Colquhoun beat Greg Van Schaack 6/2 6/4

2nd singles Paul Weaver beat David Boenning 6/2 6/0

1st doubles Alan Fine/Richard Moore beat Clement/Bob Hay 6/5 6/5

2nd doubles Bernard Weatherill/Andrew Hamilton beat Chris Cline/Charlie Johnstone 6/3 6/2

3rd doubles Jamie Bebb/Jill Newby beat Jonathon Pardee/Alex Walsh 6/5 6/0

The U.K. Bostwick Cup roster was Jamie Bebb, Duncan Colquhoun, Alan Fine, Andrew Hamilton, Richard Moore, Jill Newby, Bernard Weatherill and Paul Weaver (Captain). Day 1. Alan Fine and Richard Moore took on Mike McAuley & Rob Jolly of Australia at #1 doubles.  Fine & Moore proved to be a little steadier on the key points and prevailed 6/5, 6/4 to kick start the UK effort. Jill Newby & Jamie Bebb kept the UK winning ways going with a 6/5, 6/1 victory over Alan Willingham & Henry Turnbull. After a tight first set, the team of Bebb & Newby really got their teeth into the match in the 2nd set not letting up for a minute on their way to a straight sets win.   Duncan Colquhoun (UK) & Wayne Spring (AUS) stepped on court next in the #1 singles spot. Colquhoun’s soft hands were too much for Spring in the first set as the score went 6/1 to the UK.  Spring adapted new tactics as he took a 4/3 lead in the second set and looked to be setting in for the long haul.  As the crowd murmured about a potential 3rd set, Colquhoun tightened up his serves & lengths to take the next three games to win the set, individual match and overall match for the UK.   UK captain Paul Weaver is next to step on court. Dick Friend of Australia had a big task ahead of him; as Weaver is known for a wide variety of serves and quality length.  Friend showed off a wide array of shot-making and alternating strategies but to no avail as Weaver was too solid and took the match score to 4-0 for the UK.   The final match of the day, #2 doubles teams were Bernard Weatherill & Sir Andrew Hamilton for the UK and Graeme Holloway and John Faull for the Australians. Holloway & Faull put up a spirited defence in front of an enthusiastic crowd, but to no avail; final match goes to the UK. Onto the final day, USA vs.UK. Heading into this match, the UK as not dropped a set, and the Americans have 2 wins and 3 losses. Can the UK go the entire event without dropping a set? Can the Americans turn the tables on the UK and win the match, forcing the organizers to go to sets and possible games won to determine an overall winner? #1 Doubles – Peter Clement & Bob Hay (USA) vs. Alan Fine & Richard Moore (UK). What a match; long rests, great retrieval and fantastic volleys.  The Fine/Moore team seemed to have their nose just slightly in front throughout and came through with a well-deserved 6/5 6/5 victory. The UK streak of not dropping a set is still alive..just!  #3 Doubles – Jonathan Pardee & Alex Walsh (USA) vs. Jamie Bebb & Jill Newby (UK).  Pardee & Walsh started this match very strongly, playing a very aggressive style forcing the UK team into a number of racquet errors and took a fairly quick 5-1 lead.  Bebb & Newby then steadied the ship, cutting down on their errors and forcing Pardee & Walsh to ‘win’ their points. One game after another and the score was soon at 5-5 in the first set. A tightly contested 5-5 game was then played with some super shots by all players, Bebb’s fantastic retrieval brought the UK team across the line for a 6/5 win. Unfortunately for the Americans, the tide became an unstoppable current as the UK team rolled to a 6/0 second set victory. #1 Singles – Greg Van Schaack (USA) vs. Duncan Colquhoun (UK). Colquhoun looking very focused as he takes the court with the opportunity to close out the Americans and secure the Bostwick Cup 2013 for the UK team. This focus certainly carried over into the match as Colquhoun secured the UK victory with a 6/2 6/4 win.   #2 Singles – David Boenning (USA) vs. Paul Weaver (UK). UK captain Weaver stepped on court looking very proud with the way his team has performed during their stay at Tuxedo! The only question now as we head into the two dead rubber matches – will the UK team drop a set? Boenning and Weaver provide the spectators with a level of tennis that was not indicative of the 6/2 6/0 Weaver victory.   #2 Doubles – USA captain Charlie Johnstone and partner Chris Cline are the last hope to take a set from the juggernaut UK Bostwick cup team, as the spectators start discussing the ‘odds’ in the dedans. Bernard Weatherill and Andrew Hamilton prevail 6/3 6/2 in a match filled with good humour and sportsmanship.  The UK Team win the Bostwick Cup 2013 - having not lost a single set!

Match report by Dawson Lane

Cockram Trophy held at Philly

Well done to the GB Cockram Trophy team who today completed their defence in Philly to bring the Trophy back to the UK again! They beat Australia 4 matches to 1 yesterday and then defeated USA 5 matches to love.

The team was lead ably by David Watson and the triumphant team were David along with John Prenn, Mark Drysdale, William Maltby, Mark Openshaw Blower, Simon Barker, Mark Nicholls and youngster Nick Jones. Well done to all!

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