Petworth House Tennis Court

Unique Selling Points for Tennis

Real Tennis – Court Tennis, Royal Tennis or Jeu de Paume – the oldest and origin of all racquet sports

All-year-round sport, played indoors, over a net and using the penthouse roofs and walls

Both physically and mentally stimulating, with opportunities for varied tactics and strategies

Lea Van der Zwalmen in Paris

Strong emphasis on high standards of sportsmanship, etiquette and tradition

Played on effective worldwide handicap system, such that players of different levels may have competitive matches

Rory Giddens at Lord's

Played by both sexes of any age, from 9 to 90, either singles or doubles, and mixed; no barriers to women playing on equal terms with men

Complements lawn tennis, padel tennis, squash, rackets and all other moving-ball sports; all players of other such games will find their experience useful in taking up Real Tennis

Men & women at Queen's
Men & women at Queen's

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