Announcing the Tennis Club Professional Development programme

07 Feb 2011

Fully endorsed and supported by the T&RA - for the future of Real Tennis

As a result of the Hopton Review, the T&RA has new initiatives and objectives. These include increased participation and construction of new courts. It is recognised that to achieve these targets, Professionals, who are at the forefront of promoting the game, should be given the opportunity to develop their skills.

You�may have heard about the launch of the Club Professional Development programme and this is an area which is particularly exciting. This programme was started towards the end of last year and is the result of an initiative from the Real Tennis Professionals Association UK (RTPA UK). The CPD has been developed and designed to specifically support Professionals personal development and career.

The existing �Professional Certificate� has served the game well but it is the ongoing skills development of Professionals that has been missing. The CPD programme has been put in place to provide this development of professionals in the UK and will include the CPD accreditisation programme (separated into distinct Levels) in each of the following areas:

Coaching - this is of paramount importance to the development and future of Real Tennis Clubs. All new players require inspirational coaching and this Workshop will deliver the knowledge and skills for an individual to effectively coach beginner juniors and adults.

Equipment - one of the duties of a Club Professional is to make and provide tennis balls of a high standard for play, and to prepare and maintain members� rackets. This Workshop will provide the knowledge and skills for an individual to make quality tennis balls and to string and repair rackets.

Marking - one of the duties of a Club Professional is to mark Club Tournaments and Club Matches. Professionals are expected to have an understanding of the rules of the game and be confident in the knowledge and skills required to mark proficiently. This Workshop will outline and deliver the knowledge required, as well as provide practical exercises for an individual to mark competently at Club level.

Personal and Management Skills - the Club based professional has to carry out a very wide range of tasks within the club. These tasks are very important and fundamental to the operation, financial sustainability and future development of the club and they often have their own time pressures.

Chris Davies

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