Queen's Club Ladies Rackets Programme

Queen’s Club Ladies Rackets Programme

A free weekly event for absolute beginners, mid-range players, champions, and anyone who’s interested in learning about and playing Rackets.

If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to play Rackets, or if you are already a Rackets player and would like to improve your skills and expand your social circle, The Queen’s Club offers a fantastic free Ladies Rackets programme (currently sponsored by the Richard Tur Foundation).

Held every Sunday at 10AM, the programme brings women of all experience levels together for a variety of on-court activities such as coaching, drills, games, and general Rackets fun (detailed information at bottom of page).

Why Play Rackets?

Rackets is an incredibly vibrant sport filled with passionate players who love the exhilarating on-court action, unique physical challenge and supportive close-knit community that the activity provides. The sport is all the more vibrant now that it’s seen a recent uptick of female players. Some ladies play simply for fun, while others join the sport with serious plans to make it to the top (such as 2020 #1 player Lea Van Der Zwalmen and #2 player India Deakin). No matter what your goal, the addition of women to the game has only made it better, and the philosophy is the more, the merrier!