Real Tennis

Real Tennis Court Development


This section provides all the information for developing a new Real Tennis court including:

The building of new courts, or refurbishment of old courts, needs to be led by an active individual or group in the specific location.

Newest Developments

The latest Tennis courts to come into existence were at Radley College in 2008 and at Wellington College in 2016. Prior to this, five new Tennis courts have opened: at The Oratory School (1990), at Clifton College in Bristol (1997), at Middlesex University and two at Prested Hall in Essex (all in 1999). In the same period, three old Tennis courts have been restored to play after undergoing major refurbishment: the Cambridge University Blue court, the Hyde court at Bridport, and at Newmarket.

T&RA Support

The T&RA is able to offer a supporting role in dealing with planners, architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, contractors, etc; this is achieved by either seconding our own experienced people or by recommending consultants. The T&RA is also able to provide financial assistance by way of grants and loans.

Contact the T&RA about Court Development below: