Historic Results

World Challenge

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Ladies World Doubles Download
Ladies World Singles Download
World Doubles Download
World Singles Download

Open Competition

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Christopher Green Cup (U21 Open Singles) Download
Ladies Open Doubles Download
Ladies Open Singles Download
Leonard Cup (U21 Open Doubles) Download
Norman Salver (O40 Singles) Download
Open Doubles Download
Open Singles Download
Over 50 Singles Download
Palmer Tomkinson Cup (O50 Doubles) Download
Peter Pan Salver (O60 Doubles) Download
Sutton Trophy (U24 Open Doubles) Download
Swallow Cup (U24 Open Singles) Download
Thompson Gracey Cup (O40 Open Doubles) Download

National Competition

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Amateur Doubles Download
Amateur Singles Download
Combined Services Download
Invitation Singles Download
Manchester Gold Racquet Download
Milne Hue Williams Cup Download
Noel Bruce Cup Download
Oxford and Cambridge Doubles Download
Scott Chad Cup (Pro Singles) Download

National Schools Competition

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Incledon-Webber Cup (Under 16 Singles) Download
Eric Angus Cup (U16 Doubles) Download
Foster Cup (U18 Singles) Download
Jim Dear Cup (U15 Singles) Download
Peter Gray Cup (U15 Doubles) Download
Pro Cup for Second Pairs Download
Public School Championship Download
Renny Cup Download
Schoolgirl Doubles Download
Schoolgirl Singles Download
The Mark Faber Cup Download

National Awards

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Lillibet Bowl Download
Negretti Cup Download
Nigel Renny Trophy Download
Peter Latham Cup Download

Legacy Competition

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Louis Roederer Trophy Download
Sheppard Cup Download