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Around the World in Fifty Courts

Haven N B Pell

Haven Pell first stepped on a real tennis court as a small child in Tuxedo Park, New York, where he was taken for Gold Racquets weekend to watch his father play. He learned to play (never notably well) at Greentree in the 1950s and 1960s and, with a quarter century gap, has continued for nearly seven decades.

By the time of publication, he will have played in all the real tennis courts in the world, some of which no longer exist, and on one built temporarily as a movie set.

Along the way, he has served on the board of the United States Court Tennis Association and as Chairman of the United States Court Tennis Preservation Foundation, where he learned a good deal about how the game is run throughout the world.

He has had a guiding hand in the building of two real tennis courts, Prince’s Court in 1997 and its replacement, at Westwood Country Club, due to be completed in August 2022.

Around the World in Fifty Courts is both a travel story and a series of thoughtful observations about the future.

We are delighted to present our latest publication, Around the World in Fifty Courts by Haven Pell, due out later this year. Haven may be known to some of you under his blog name Pundificator. Please see below the blurb from the flyer for more information

Hardback edition @ £35 + £5 p&p

Leather-bound edition, limited to 60 copies and signed by the author, at £140 + £8 p&p

700 Years of Tennis in London

by David Best

This large 300-page book, which contains a mass of new information, charts the development of tennis in Britain’s capital city since records began 700 years ago through to the present day.

The game is examined from its beginnings in the streets, through increasing royal interest, prohibitions, gambling, the Victorian revival, on through the devastating twentieth century wars to better times. There are dedicated chapters dealing with rackets and lawn tennis that also have strong associations with London.

A considerable amount of research was undertaken for this project, resulting in a much clearer picture of how the game developed in London, which inevitably affected the rest of the country.

700 Years of Tennis in London will be published in September 2021

Hardback edition @ £40 + £5 p&p

Leather-bound limited edition, signed by the author @ £140 + £7 p&p

History of the Jeu de Paume Club in Paris

The English translation of the book on the History of the Jeu de Paume Club in Paris

Within the ten chapters of this book you will discover the emblematic history of this club whose development has been influenced by American players and whose origins date back to 1840.

Established in 1908 in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, it welcomes members and guests passionate for the games of real tennis and squash in one of the most prestigious and oldest sports clubs in Paris.

Following its chronological history, you will also uncover anecdotes about its members, tournaments and professionals as well as numerous testimonies and significant events that have marked the life of the club for over 100 years and presented on 80 pages with 100+ illustrations and photos.

Based on the French book released in May, the English version was translated by William Holmberg & Kenneth Casler.

Marking 50 Years by Chris Ronaldson

‘Marking 50 Years’ by Chris Ronaldson has been published and is available immediately


The world of Real Tennis has changed a great deal in the fifty years since Chris Ronaldson started work as a professional. A player from 1971 or earlier would find that the game itself has changed little, just a rule refinement here and there, but he (and it would be a ‘he’) would find almost all contemporary clubs transformed in atmosphere, with increased levels of activity and a greater variety of players. The game is in far better health than it was in the early 1970s and has a sense of global identity for the first time.

Chris Ronaldson is well placed to reflect on this period. He is the world’s longest-serving current professional; he has scaled the heights as a tournament player, contributed on and off the court to many aspects of the game and worked tirelessly to attract a wider range of players, including more women and juniors.

Cost: £15 for the standard edition and £75 for the limited edition.

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Tennis The Leamington Way

The definitive history of the Leamington Tennis Court Club

Right back to its beginnings in 1844, with a foreword by HRH The Earl of Wessex KG GCVO.

Read of the Club’s connections with the town, with rackets, cricket, billiards and lawn tennis plus the amazing membership of military men, politicians, aristocrats, land owners and sportsmen.

This 352 A4 page hardback book is £70 collected, £75 posted.

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