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This Code of Conduct applies to all professionals in Real Tennis and Rackets at every level within the games. In no circumstances should this code be breached.

Professionals’ Code of Conduct Effective 9 September 2016 
Code of Conduct

T&RA Adopted Marker's Protocol Effective 23 October 2015 
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Marker's Register Effective 23 October 2015
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Management Register Effective 6 May 2016
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Investing in Professionals (IiP)

IiP Accreditation and Assessment

IiP includes an accreditation process whereby professionals are assessed against eight areas of competence at each of the three levels. These areas are; Equipment, Coaching, Marking, Professional/Player Development, Business Skills, Court and Club Maintenance, Presentation and Events, Health and Safety. For each level, a professional must evidence that they meet the criteria for all areas.

IiP assessment is completed by the assessment panel. This assessment panel consists of an external Level 3 qualified assessor as well as Professionals who have all achieved at least the same level to that which they are assessing. A minimum of two professionals must be involved in each assessment along with the external assessor. An assessment decision is made and feedback is given to professionals which may include any support they can receive from the mentoring or training programmes embedded into IIP.

IiP Accredited Professionals

Club Professional Development (Legacy)

CPD Training Policy & Guidelines 2015

Club Professional Development (CPD) was a Skills Development Programme for UK based Club Professionals. Regular discussion took    place with the T&RA via the Tennis Committee, RTPA, CPD Executive and T&RA CEO to ensure the content of the programme was applicable. 

The CPD workshop programme was one aspect of career development for Real Tennis professionals,  of value to both clubs and professionals. From its start in 2010, the objective of the workshop programme was to provide skills development opportunities for both young and experienced professionals.

The CPD programme - four threads: Personal and Management Skills; Marking; Coaching; and Equipment. Each of these threads had a workshop programme currently covering up to three levels. Workshops, all lasting one day, were held at various clubs around the UK.

Downloadable summary CPD Levels February 2017

CPD Qualifications - February 2017

Management: (G Tomkinson). 35 experienced professionals were eligible for Level 2 and above, 34 had passed at Levels 2 or above:

  • Level 3:(5) J Dawes (merit), D Jones, C Bray, N Wood, C Ronaldson
  • Level 2:(25) K King, K Ludekens, S Blaber, J Law, P Paterson, A Lyons, B Ronaldson, B Taylor-Matthews, L Taylor, S Brockenshaw, A Phillips, T Granville, W Burns, A Knibbs, A Davis, C Greenhalgh, M Seigneur, T Durack , R Hall-Smith, A Fowler , B Sayers, C Chapman, J Smith, D Long and A Player
  • Level 1: Z Eadle, L Gordon (merit), J Brodie, J Ryan, N Merola, A Flippence, B Bomford

Marking: (N Wood). 23 professionals passed their Levels 2 and above:

  • Level 3: (9) A Lyons, A Phillips, M Ryan, C Swallow, C Bray, T Durack, A Fowler, N Wood, D Jones
  • Level 2: (18) P Patterson, J Dawes, J Law, B Taylor-Matthews, L Taylor, S Brockenshaw, D Long, W Burns, A Knibbs, C Greenhalgh, B Sayers, C Chapman, B Ronaldson (merit), G Eden, L Gordon, J Ryan

Coaching: (D Jones). The following have attended and passed Level 2 Coaching:

  • Level 2: (13) K Ludekens, S Blaber, J Dawes, L Taylor, S Brockenshaw, C Bray, M Seigneur, A Davis, C Greenhalgh, T Durack, A Fowler, N Wood, J Smith

Equipment: (S Ronaldson). 22 professionals attended the workshop on advanced techniques.

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