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Real Tennis

Real Tennis

Real Tennis is the original racquet sport from which lawn tennis is derived.

While most active Real Tennis courts are found in the United Kingdom, others are also in Australia, the US and France.



Rackets is an exhilarating racquet sport, which gave birth to squash and is actively played in the UK, US and Canada.

With the ball travelling in excess of 150mph, it is one of the fastest balls sports in the world.

What is the T&RA?

What is the T&RA?

The T&RA is the governing body for the sports of Real Tennis & Rackets.

We are responsible for the promotion, growth and governance of both sports in the UK.


Latest News

Jun 25, 2022

MCC Gold Racquet 2022

Jamie Douglas retained the Gold Racquet at Lords today beating Ed Kay 6/2 6/0 3/6 6/3. A great match with wonderful retrieving and athleticism not to mention the ball being struck prodigiously hard.

Jun 20, 2022

The Champions Trophy at Royal Tennis Court

Royal Tennis Court, Sunday 26th June 2022: Rob Fahey beat Ben Taylor-Matthews 6/2 4/6 6/2 6/3 in the final of the Real Tennis Champions Trophy

Jun 09, 2022

World Championship 2020 Final

On September 11th the greatest Real Tennis player of all time Rob Fahey, will commence the defence of his Real Tennis World Championship title for the 13th time, when the final challenge gets underway at Prested Tennis Club. The Challenger is World number one, Camden Riviere, and the stage is set for a classic encounter between these two real tennis stars.

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