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This Code of Conduct applies to all professionals in Real Tennis and Rackets at every level within the games. In no circumstances should this code be breached.

Code of Conduct

T&RA Adopted Marker's Protocol Effective 23 October 2015
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Marker's Register Effective 23 October 2015
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Management Register Effective 6 May 2016
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Club Professional Development

CPD 2016 Programme CPD Training Policy & Guidelines 2015

Club Professional Development (CPD) is a Skills Development Programme for UK based Club Professionals. Regular discussion takes place with the T&RA via the Tennis Committee, RTPA, CPD Executive and Chris Davies to ensure the content of the programme is applicable and up to date. In January 2017, CPD entered its fourth phase, Chris Bray joined Graham Tomkinson with joint responsibility for the programme. The programme continues to develop and there will be some further programme announcements in the near future. Tory Wall will be providing some administrative assistance

The CPD workshop programme is one part of career development for Real Tennis professionals, which should be of value to both Clubs and professionals. From its start in 2010, the objective of the workshop programme has been to provide skills development opportunities for both young and experienced professionals. The invitation list for each workshop is limited in number and also, by design, ensures a balanced attendance from clubs around the UK. This helps to accommodate an interchange of best of breed ideas. On return from the workshops, the professionals will work with their club's internal development plans to reinforce the skills that they have acquired on the one day CPD workshops. The attendees or their clubs pay a small booking charge and the remainder of the fee is funded by the T&RA. On April 23rd, 2017, the 100th workshop was held. Most workshops also include an assessment, then details of PASS, MERIT, DISTINCTION or FAIL will be communicated to the attending professional within 7 working days.

The CPD programme has four threads:

  • Personal and Management Skills
  • Marking
  • Coaching
  • Equipment

Each of these threads has a workshop programme currently covering up to three levels. Workshops, all lasting one day, are held at various clubs around the UK.

Marking, Coaching and Equipment are all assessed during the workshop and a pass or fail sent to the attendee within 7 days of their attendance. For Personal and Management Skills, in the absence of Assessment Centre status, these workshops are not assessed at Levels 1 and 2 but provide an opportunity for attendees to learn new skills in a more relaxed environment. Level 3 is a significantly more advanced programme and using input from leading Business Management Programmes.

Downloadable summary CPD Bulletin February 2017

CPD Current UK Professional Population by Discipline by Level - Feb 2017

Management: (G Tomkinson)

There are 35 experienced professionals who are eligible for Level 2 and above, 34 have passed Levels 2 and 3. (Four assistant professionals passed level 1 in 2016)

  • Level 3:(5)J Dawes (merit), D Jones, C Bray, N Wood, C Ronaldson
  • Level 2:(25)K King, K Ludekens, S Blaber, J Law, P Paterson, A Lyons, B Ronaldson, B Taylor-Matthews, L Taylor, S Brockenshaw, A Phillips, T Granville, W Burns, A Knibbs, A Davis, C Greenhalgh, M Seigneur, T Durack , R Hall-Smith, A Fowler , B Sayers, C Chapman, J Smith, D Long and A Player
  • Level 1: Z Eadle, L Gordon (merit), J Brodie, J Ryan, N Merola, A Flippence, B Bomford

Marking: (N Wood)

23 Professionals have declared their interest in Levels 2 and above and passed their assessments:

  • Level 3: (9) A Lyons, A Phillips, M Ryan, C Swallow, C Bray, T Durack, A Fowler, N Wood, D Jones
  • Level 2: (18) P Patterson, J Dawes, J Law, B Taylor-Matthews, L Taylor, S Brockenshaw, D Long, W Burns, A Knibbs, C Greenhalgh, B Sayers, C Chapman, B Ronaldson (merit), G Eden, L Gordon, J Ryan

Coaching: (D Jones)

Level 3 has been not been announced. The following have attended / passed Level 2 Coaching (see below bullet 4)

  • Level 2: (13) K Ludekens, S Blaber, J Dawes, L Taylor, S Brockenshaw, C Bray, M Seigneur, A Davis, C Greenhalgh, T Durack, A Fowler, N Wood, J Smith

Equipment: (S Ronaldson)

  • 22 professionals attended S Ronaldson's workshop on advanced techniques for Equipment

Status as at 01/05/17

  1. CPD Marking Workshop/ Assessment Level 2.
  2. CPD Management Level 3 training workshop and assessment for 2 candidates in 4Q17.
  3. A prototype for the possible new version of CPD Coaching level 2, led by Dan Jones and Alex Lucas, was held at Wellington with an invited attendance group on 5/4/17. This went very well; further work is currently taking place on both the second part of this programme and the appraisal process.
  4. CPD Equipment Level 2 - discussions taking place between Chris Bray and Steve Ronaldson on this programme.

Next update will be 30/06/17


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