Brit clean up continues in Chicago

17 Mar 2009

All British final gets Coynie and Beaumont some silverware

With over 50 travelers attending the weekend, the Racquet Club of Chicago played host to this season-ending club competition on the NARA calendar. The stag kicked the weekend into high gear as a beautiful veal porterhouse was served to 70 attendees. Every North American clubs were represented, as was Morocco (Thank you James Bailey!)! Again, no tea was served the entire weekend.

The top-seeded Alex Titchener-Barrett (QC) beat James Coyne (QC) 3-1 and the team consisting of Coyne and James Beaumont cruised to a 3-1 victory over the brother pairing of Dom Titchener-Barrett/Alex Titchener-Barrett.

The Murray Sales competitions were also very competitive as Peter Dunne (RCC) beat Bill Hargrave (RCC) 2-1. Rupert Owen-Browne and Aidan MacEchern (both QC) feasted on finalists Kendrick de Koning and Peter Dunne 2-0 for the doubles hardware.

Last, but not least, a pair of NYR&Ters faced off in the Kendrick Cup. Addison West cranked out a 2-0 over Trevor Rees in this competition for novice players.

NARA would like to remind you of the upcoming World Doubles event in NY on April 18th. This is the first leg of the two legs and the competition is between the professional team of Neil Smith and Mark Hubbard and the amateur team of Harry Foster and Mark Hue-Williams. Smith and Hubbard will be defending. The second leg will take place on April 25th at the Queen's Club in London.

Jeffrey L Durkes

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