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BRNC Dartmouth Open 2019

Updated Apr 14, 2019
Published Feb 13, 2019
12th to 14th April - Rackets weekend at BRNC, Dartmouth

The Rackets Weekend at BRNC is over for this year and seems to have worked so very many thanks to all of you who came to watch or play and particularly to Ben and Reggie who marked so judiciously. For the record, the new Dartmouth Cup was first (and last) presented in April 1904, and was found her antique shop by Queens Tennis Player Sue Haswell. She kindly gave it to Chris Davies who generously presented it to the Dartmouth Rackets Club. The second presentation of this cup was to the 2019 winners- Felix Clarke and Deane Pennick and the cup was presented on the court by Charlotte Mason, wife of Lt Cdr David Mason who is now running Naval Rackets and very much hopes to increase the number of serving Naval players. Runners up were Luke Danby and Rory Sutton. The winners of the Dart River Competition (more by default than anything else) were Mike Samuelson and James Luard. Traffic to Dartmouth on the Friday was frightful but a few games were enjoyed that afternoon and then18 of us met for supper in the Floaters with very many thanks to Mark Agate. Fifty four of us sat down to an excellent dinner in the Wardroom on the Saturday night and the younger elements, pus Admiral Mike, kept going until the early hours. The first match on the Sunday was particularly sketchy but play then improved.

Thank you to all Rackets enthusiasts for coming all the way to Dartmouth.

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