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Brown Advisory Ladies British Open Singles Championships 2020

Updated Jan 19, 2020 (Final)
Published Jan 10, 2020
Tara Lumley beat India Deakin 15/10 12/15 15/5 3/15 15/12


Ladies Rackets continues to go from strength to strength, with two new contenders in the final. Tara Lumley, fresh from her successful exploits down under, took on the current Senior Schoolgirls champion India Deakin. The match was close throughout with both ladies showing a good array of shots. Tara was always just ahead in the opening game, leading 6-3 and then 12-9. The advantage was enough as she came through 15/10. An equally tight second game saw both ladies trading points, although this time it was India building a steady 11-3 lead, before Tara came charging back to 10-11. But now India knew she needed to capitalise and kept playing her game, returning service well and took the second 15/12, to level the match.

The third and fourth games flew by, with first Tara and then India dominating in patches; third game to Tara 15/5, fourth to India 15/3, including a remarkable twelve point run from 3-all. Both ladies had their moments and took their chances, with numerous first class winners. India now made the running in the deciding game, taking a commanding 8-4 lead and then building to 11-4. But now it was Tara's moment, winning ten points on service to reach match points. India saved two Championships points, briefly reaching 12-14 but the title was Tara's at the third time of asking.

Peter Mallinson, representing sponsors Brown Advisory, presented the Championship Salver to Tara in its tenth year. Two strong competitors who played the match in the highest of spirits, entertaining the David Norman Gallery for a thrilling 90-minute spectacle.


  • Tara Lumley beat India Deakin 15/10 12/15 15/5 3/15 15/12
Round Robin
  • I. Deakin bt L. Gooding 15/7 15/12
  • L. Gooding bt H. Cockroft 15/4 15/0
  • I. Deakin bt H. Cockroft 15/3 15/0
  • T. Lumley bt I. Thorneycroft 15/0 15/1
  • T. Lumley bt L. Gengler-Saint 15/0 15/2
  • I. Thorneycroft bt L. Gengler-Saint 15/0 15/2
Qualifying Results
  • H. Cockroft bt T. Jones 15/4 15/7
  • I. England bt T. Jones 16/18 15/6 15/2
  • I. England bt E. Davis 15/8 15/9
  • H. Cockroft bt E. Davis 15/4 15/3
  • H. Cockroft bt I. England 15/3 15/3
  • T. Jones bt E. Davis 8/15 15/4 15/3
  • L. Gengler-Saint bt G. Gunn 15/9 15/11
  • L. Gengler-Saint bt I. Hunt 15/2 15/2
  • I. Hunt bt I. Reid 15/3 15/4
  • G. Gunn bt I. Reid 15/4 15/5
  • I. Hunt bt G. Gunn 15/3 15/13
  • L. Gengler-Saint bt I. Reid 15/7 15/0
Group A Winner: Honor Cockroft
Group B Winner: Luisa Gengler-Saint
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