Camden Riviere Real Tennis World Champion 2016

21 May 2016

Camden Riviere beat Rob Fahey 7-2, to become the new World Champion. Rob Fahey relinquishes his throne after 22 years at the top.

New World Champion Camden Riviere

Camden Riviere beat Rob Fahey 6/4 6/3 6/2 4/6 6/2 6/2 3/6 6/3 6/2

Link for archive footage

Day One

The first set saw the players share the opening games before Cam opened a 3-1 lead. Rob levelled at 3-all, but the next two games to Cam, then a couple of set points at 5-3. Rob defended both to edge back to 4-5: but delayed Cam only momentarily as he surged to 40-15, taking the second of the pair of set point. First set to Cam, despite Rob's greater target count.

The second set saw Cam race into a 3 game lead before Rob fought back to 1-3. They shared the next 4 games to see Cam lead 5-3 and he didn't hold back, winning the next game to claim a two set lead. Cam was now hitting more targets but fabulous play from both players.

Cam continued into the third set but Rob struck back with determination to lead 2-1, the first time he had been ahead in a set. However this inspired Cam, who flowed around the court, returning seeming perfect winners, and hitting the winning gallery repeatedly. Five games later, Cam sealed the third set 6/2, setting up a significant final set.

Rob had his back against the wall but, importantly, had never lost a fourth set on the first day in any earlier Challenge. The players shared the first pair of games, with Rob narrowly ahead; similar for the next pair to 2-all. Rob had saved his best Tennis of the day to open up a 4-2 lead, and at 40-0 looked certain to close out the set. But Cam was far from beaten, saving the points and  stealing the game, and then dangerously the next to level at 4-all. Rob now nudged ahead and finally won a critical tenth game to pull back a set, 6/4.

Day Two

Cam started well to establish a three game lead. Rob rallied but Cam matched him game for game to 5-2, before closing out the set 6/2. Just the start Cam wanted on the second day.

First two games in the sixth set to Cam before Rob responded. The players exchanged games until Cam led 3-2, but then it was Cam who took control to win the next three games and the set 6/2.

The players shared the first couple of games, with Rob ahead. But then Rob came back strongly to lead 3-1, and two points for a 4-1 lead. But Cam refused to be beaten, saving the game and the next, 3-all. But it was Rob who then found his perfect game to take the next three games and the set, 6/3.i

The eighth and final set of the day was the most thrilling. Both players had their chances. First Cam led 3-1, 40-0; but Rob fought back to 3-all. In the next game, it was Rob who led 40-0 but Cam who took the game. That was too much, and Cam maintained the momentum to take the set 6/3, and a six games to two lead into the final day.

Day Three

Cam and Rob share the first two games, but then Cam takes the next four games to lead 5-1. Rob fought back to 2-5 but it just delayed the inevitable. 40-15 in the next game to Cam, with Rob trying to beat worse than one yard. It wasn't to be and Cam takes the set 6/2, and with it, the World Championship. Both players embrace in true sportsmanship, demonstrating the Corinthian spirit in which the match was played.


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Camden Riviere interview (April)

Rob Fahey interview (April)

2016 FINAL ELIMINATOR – Camden Riviere vs Steve Virgona

April 6, 8, 10 at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia

Final Eliminator between Camden Riviere and Steve Virgona from the Racquet Club of Philadelphia

After the first day of the final eliminator, Camden Riviere took a 3 sets to 1 lead in the best of 13 set match, 6/3, 6/2, 5/6, 6/1. Cam settled quickly and played aggressively to dominate the first 2 sets until Steven Virgona found his touch, using the main wall force to great effect to secure the third set. There were some tight games in the 4th but Cam won the critical points.

Camden leads Steve 3-1 after the first day's play 6/3 6/2 5/6 6/1

Cam took the honours again on the second day, 6/2 4/6 6/5 6/2, to lead 6-2 overall. Steve is hanging on but managed to take play to the final day.

Camden wion the first (and only) game 6/3 to take the series 7-2. He will now play Rob Fahey in next month's World Challenge

Cam Riviere has reached the Challenge for the third time.  The score for the 2016 Final Eliminator was 6/3 6/2 5/6 6/1 6/2 4/6 6/5 6/2 6/3.

The Challenge in Newport is during the week commencing 15th May and the match days are Tuesday 17th May, Thursday 19th May and Saturday 21st May.

Hear what the champion said before the series started...............

Rob Fahey interview (March)

2016 FIRST ELIMINATOR – Tim Chisholm vs. Steve Virgona

Day 1 (Tuxedo) Virgona bt Chisholm 6/4 6/2 0/6 5/6 6/4 

Day 2 (Chicago) Virgona bt Chisholm 6/2 6/5 6/4

Steve Virgona playing on his home court of Chicago defeated Tim Chisholm in the second leg of this best of three 5 set matches 6/2 6/5 6/4.  In the first leg on Tim’s home court, Tuxedo, Steve won 6/4 6/2 0/6 5/6 6/4.


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