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Chetwood Trophy 2019

Jan 21, 2019

We had a great time holding the Chetwood trophy this year. On Saturday Doug Sheperdigian got off to a flying start against Steven Chapman and Christopher Prentice. However a short break and some big handicaps put him on the back foot. Donald Fung played the handicap beautifully against Doug. He narrowly lost his next two matches 5-6 5-6 and his final match 4-6… It was a matter two forty-all games that stopped him from going through. In fact all the games were close, but when it came down to the wire, Adam Mackintosh had the edge on the day.

Sunday’s group was equally tight. Martin Trees (who was staring down the barrels of some hefty handicaps) gave us a masterclass in serving but it wasn’t quite enough on the day. John Prentice struggled to get use the court. He eventually played some great tennis, but it was two sets too late. Mark Robson put in a sterling performance given that he has only been playing tennis for a year. It was his first time on away from Canford but he adapted to the court remarkably well. It was Max Jones and John Amor - Wellington rivals - who stole the show. It couldn’t have been tighter to decide the group, but John coped with the early start a little bit better and narrowly beat Max 6-5 to win the group.

Adam got off to a cracking start in the final. It was the first time John had given a handicap and having played four sets already he lost the first 6-1. Adam started the second set well too, but John stuck in and narrowly took it 6-5 having defended 3 set points. The third set was a tense affair and it was no surprise that they both reached 5 games but Adam held his nerve the best and took the final game confidently.

Many thanks to the T&RA for sponsoring the event. Their support as ever was invaluable. Many thanks also to all the competitors for making the journey down to the south west. We couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere in the dedans and the club room, not to mention all the great tennis that was played.

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