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04 Apr 2012

An update on the Corinthian Cup and CC Lite

The main event is now well set up with entries from as far afield as Hobart and Washington and a good showing from local teams. If anyone is still interested in joining a team there are still a few places left. Just email for details.

Another chance to join the fun - Corinthian Cup Lite (CC Lite)

What you get with CC Lite

Similar to the Corinthian Cup - a great mix of tennis and social events - but on a smaller scale, to suit those with more limited time available. CC Lite is designed for those keen to play, and stay, only for one week or mainly at weekends.

CC Lite entrants will be able to play in the Handicap Doubles competition, watch the Pro Handicap competition, join the final presentation dinner and dance at IWM Duxford and, optionally, attend one of the other two inclusive Tournament parties at Trinity and St John's College. Also, CC Lite entrants will be able to sign-up for any of the optional social events at the usual modest cost and billets with club members will be possible, as will stays in college accommodation, subject to availability of course.

A summary of inclusive and optional social events is shown in the Tournament Timetable (see

What it costs and how to enter

Unlike other similar tournaments, CC Lite will not charge different entry fees for home and overseas players, nor will a compulsory bar levy be imposed.

The CC Lite entry fees are:                                             Player     Social Partner

Handicap Doubles and Presentation

Dinner and Dance at IWM Duxford (11 August) :            £190         £110

Handicap Doubles, Duxford and

either Welcome Party at St John's College (28  July)

or The Cam Party at Trinity College (8 August):              £225         £145

Players, please complete the entry form below, providing as much detail as possible to help with our planning. You may enter as a pair or as an individual, in which case we will find you a partner.

Your entry form and full payment must be received by 17 April 2012.  Once we confirm your entry, by 24 April 2012, the payment will be credited to your Tournament account (thereafter non-returnable) although changes to social partner names can be made up to 1 July 2012.

For more information and an entry form, please email We look forward to hearing from you.

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