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COVID-19 and Latest Tier Regulations

Updated Oct 29, 2020 (Educational Over 18s)
Published Oct 18, 2020
Exception for educational teams

Covid 19 And Latest Tier Regulations: Update 29th October

The T&RA has reviewed the latest Government guidance and the evolving situation across the country. At this time, we are not recommending any major changes to the current T&RA Play Safe / Return to Play Guidelines.

One area in which we are now issuing more specific guidance is for play by over 18-year olds in educational teams. The Government guidance provides an exemption that allows any number of over 18-year olds to play indoors where it is for educational purposes. We interpret this to mean that play is currently permitted in all Tiers amongst players that represent university clubs or teams. For this purpose, and in line with Government guidance, university clubs or teams are defined as clubs or teams who represent (and are made up of pupils from) schools, colleges and universities. Organised Real Tennis and Rackets permitted within educational teams includes coach-led/supervised activity, including team training, practice, or inter-mural competitions subject to the relevant club’s COVID-19 rules and policy. Note: this does not include non-student members of school or university clubs who use the school or university court.

T&RA continues to lobby the Government to address the inconsistencies and unnecessary restrictions in their current rules. We share our members’ frustrations, and remind members that the T&RA Play Safe Guidelines are our interpretation of the Government rules, to try and assist clubs to enable as much compliant Tennis and Rackets as they can.

The next scheduled review will be at the end of November.

Play Safe Update and Latest Tier Regulations

The recent Tier updates to government regulations and guidelines have significantly restricted members’ ability to play Tennis and Rackets should you find yourself to be living within a Tier 2 region.

Up to this point the T&RA has focused on interpreting this new legislation; however. the T&RA believe there are many significant inconsistencies in the latest restrictions, and that both Tennis and Rackets activity are being unfairly and unnecessarily restricted.

On behalf of our members, we have lobbied the government about what we believe needs to be changed. We continue to work with colleagues at Sport England and other bodies such as the LTA and England Squash, to make our case forcefully.

We recognise the need to find a balance between restricting activity (in order to prevent the unfortunate spread of Covid19) and allowing activity (to generate economic and health benefits). At the moment the regulations do not find a fair or reasonable balance, and we will continue to lobby on your behalf.

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