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Updated Jul 10, 2020 (Latest T&RA Statement 9th July 2020)
Published Mar 17, 2020
Update 9th July

T&RA Statement 9th July 2020

Indoor Gyms, swimming pools and sports facilities may reopen in England from July 25, the Culture Secretary has announced.

We’ve just heard the announcement we have been waiting for – sporting facilities have the green light to open from 25th July. This is great news and many enthusiasts will be excited to hear this update. There is still work to do and each court will need to conduct its own risk assessment and certify itself Covid-safe before it can open.

Please be prepared to accept a new regime as your clubs work out a safe way forward. They will be working to new guidelines for your own safety and you will have a part to play too. Personal hygiene remains critical to keep the virus in check, as well as NOT playing if you are feeling unwell or have been asked to isolate for whatever reason. There will also be downtime between bookings so as to assist the ventilation of courts, please do not encroach into this time, it is there for your safety. You will also not be permitted to wait or remain in the vicinity of the court, certainly until further relaxations are announced. You all have your own part to play.

The advice in the early days will be to restrict to singles, unless family groups are involved. This will be under continuous review and will ultimately form part of your club's risk assessment.

The next step will be to work out how to play competition Tennis and how we take forward next season's calendar. The provision dates are already on the website but may be subject to change. The T&RA Covid-Restart Group will now refocus on this next important task.

All T&RA events for the 2019/20 season have cancelled or postponed, including the following events:

  • LRTA Ladies Open (Seacourt) - rescheduled 28 October - 1 November
  • Over 70 Amateur Championships (Wellington)
  • Category A (Oxford)
  • Category G (Oratory)
  • Trophee Kressman, Coupe de Bordeaux and the Bordeaux Official Club Opening
  • LRTA International (Petworth)
  • All-Comers, Silver and Gold Racquet (MCC)
  • Junior World Championship (Tuxedo) - rescheduled 28-30 December (UK)
  • Kings Goblet (RTC)
  • Champions Trophy (RTC)

For 2020/21, the French Open has been cancelled

  • French Open September 2020

2020 Junior Open

Due to both the current situation and the predicted situation once Real Tennis courts open again, we have decided to postpone the scheduled British Junior Championships due to be held at Queens Club in August.

We are still hoping to hold the event later in the year, possibly at another venue. Please visit this website regularly to see further announcements.

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