Updated: 20 Mar 2020 Friday update
Published: 17 Mar 2020

T&RA statement

We are in an unprecedented period of national crisis and HMG has today stated that all indoor leisure and sports facilities, including gyms must close until further notice. Many clubs took this to include themselves immediately and have already issued notices to their members. Some clubs have continued to operate on the strength that social distancing is possible provided stringent measures are in place to mitigate what would appear to be a low risk. However, the T&RA would be remiss to take an alternative route and it is therefore with heavy heart that the T&RA recommends that Clubs respond accordingly and close until further notice. I will continue to seek clarity and stay in touch with you all.

The government have pledged to support small businesses and I would ask that you continue to refer to and follow the Government guidance for employers and businesses

All T&RA events in April have been either cancelled or postponed. 

These include the following events:

  • LRTA Ladies Open (Seacourt)
  • Over 70 Amateur Championships (Wellington)
  • Category A (Oxford)
  • Category G (Oratory)
Events during May will be reviewed as the situation develops nationally but are very likely to be impacted.
  • The Federation Française de Tennis has suspended the TROPHEE KRESSMAN, COUPE DE BORDEAUX and the Official Club Opening until further notice.
  • The LRTA International (Petworth) is a casualty
  • All-Comers, Silver and Gold Racquet at Lord’s are all postponed
  • The Kings Goblet will be cancelled this year but will be back in 2021!
  • The Champions Trophy in July at Hampton Court has also been cancelled

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