Etiquette of recording match results on RTO

07 Feb 2011

A note from the Handicaps and Ranking Sub-committee

As its members are aware, the RTO system relies upon the prompt and accurate recording of results and the Handicaps and Ranking Sub-committee encourages all players to ensure that� their results for all matches are so recorded.�

The Sub-committee is conscious of the fact that practices for using RTO vary between clubs.� However, most systems depend on the players to report their results, either to their club professional or by recording them in a book or similar.� It is therefore suggested that the following etiquette is followed:

Unless it is agreed beforehand that the match will not be recorded on RTO, it will be the responsibility of the winner of the match (i.e. the player scoring the most games) to ensure that the result is recorded.

H&RSC� January 2011

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