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Farewell David Mordaunt

May 24, 2021

David Mordaunt, who died in November, was Master i/c Rackets at Wellington in the 60s and 70s. He taught Mathematics from 1963-86 and was himself an Old Wellingtonian. With a great eye for a ball he was particularly good at encouraging the younger Rackets players and worked happily in harness with Bob Mulliken, the pro in those years. Nigel Hurst Brown and Giles Trentham were Foster Cup winners for Wellington in his time.

Best known as a cricketer he played as an amateur for Sussex from 1958-60, and then over 40 times for Berkshire from 1964-74. He was one of the leading all-rounders in the first decades of the Cricketer Cup.

A keen adventurer and hill-walker he was never happier in so-called retirement than outdoors and in the cold and wet, often sustained by home-made flapjacks, but that is another story.

Senior members of the T&RA might like to be aware that there will be a Memorial Service for David Mordaunt, former Master i/c Rackets at Wellington, in the Wellington College (RG45 7PT) Chapel on Thursday September 2nd at 2.15pm followed by Afternoon Tea in the Waterloo Hall.

If you would like to attend please email Philip Carr at pdmcarr@gmail.com

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