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Favourites prevail in Varsity power-play

Feb 22, 2009
Cambridge win at Lords

By 5 �o�clock on Saturday afternoon the favourites, Cambridge University, had the Men�s and Ladies Real Tennis Varsity matches �in the bag,� and were playing out the final [dead] rubber when the lights at Lords went out � and stayed out! As the players, their parents, Pros, coaches, sponsors, hosts and guests gathered in the Long Room for the Pol Roger reception and dinner, the lights stayed stubbornly out, not only at Lords but across a whole swathe of north London. When at 8 'o� clock we were told that �Electricite de France were sending an engineer�, we knew it was time to uncork what was left of the fabulous, cold champagne, hold a candle-lit presentation, and pack up before even the emergency lights ran out! The food meanwhile was allegedly �stuck in a lift� somewhere, so it was impossible to hold any kind of celebration dinner. The Pol Roger reception went a�very long way to making up for it, and huge thanks to them for their continuing support of University sports.

Full scores�will be posted�when available.

Congratulations to Cambridge on yet another convincing display.

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