Foster Cup Update - Final news

14 Dec 2008

Hopcroft through, other semi-final waits on injury

�Hopcroft defeats Portz in 4 games. Shiner puts a shiner on Knight

We are awaiting the news of whether Mr Knight will continue his match against�Dan Shiner tomorrow morning, early updates look positive. Knight was on the recieveing end of a stray racket on the turn but appears to be ready to take up the challenge again at 10am on the morning of the 16th, broken nose permitting.�The match has been delayed overnight and we await to see the state of play in the morning.

In the other semi, Hopcroft and Portz played out a fantastic match. Both players showed great maturity in rallies and finished points off when the opportunity came there way. Movement and clean hitting was on show in abundance, both players showing signs that they could break into the senior game at some point. Hopcroft however made fewer mistakes, and looks like he has the mental apptitude to take his squash ability�to the Rackets court in the final, whomever he plays.

Please continue to check this site for updates, and of course, if you are around Queens over the next two days, do pop in to see some great Rackets. The galleries are packed full of enthusiastic support and as always, it is great to see the next generation of talent at close quarters.


HK Foster Cup draw & results

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