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Howard Angus Celebrates 60 years in Rackets and Real Tennis with Grays

Jun 14, 2017
A lifetime devoted to Rackets and Real Tennis

Richard, Paul and Neil Gray with Howard Angus; in front of some recently felled trees

To mark 60 years since Howard Angus first played Rackets at Winchester College, Grays were delighted to present a unique trophy, specially hand-crafted by the craftsmen at their factory in Cambridge.

The fifth generation of the Gray family presented the trophy after a lunch at their Head Office in Robertsbridge, where the timber for racquets and cricket bats is processed.

Howard has used Grays racquets with distinction at the highest level in both sports including as world champion in Rackets from 1973-5 and in Real Tennis from 1976-1981.

In addition he was instrumental in re-designing the frames for Real Tennis in the mid 1970s, a design which remains in production to this day in Cambridge. Howard continues to provide invaluable advice to Grays in both sports, drawing from his unique experience.

Grays were founded by World Rackets Champion, Harry Gray, in 1855 and have manufactured racquets in Cambridge ever since. Harry was one of five brothers all of whom were Rackets professionals and three of whom became world champions.

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Richard Gray

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