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Inter-Universities Tournament 2014

Nov 30, 2009
Holders victorious again!

From what sketchy details I have, it appears that Ed Pearson survived a 10/9 thriller to ensure victory for Cambridge in the Inter-University Tournament, held at Cambridge over the 28/29 November weekend. This event had been moved from its normal time of Jan/Feb to try to avoid early-Lent exams, but numbers of entrants stayed about the same.

The individual handicap tournament was won by Charles Hurstel from Paris who is on a 2 month sabbatical at MURTC. Congratulations to Charles for coming over here and beating up the locals!

This event is organised by Simon Marshall, who must have the biggest mobile phone bill in history as he does it all from his apartment in Nice, France...well done yet again, Simon, I bet you find Fenland a tad cold by comparison? We will publish full reports, results and pictures as they are sent to us.

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