International Tennis Day 20th June

27 May 2014


International Tennis Day

20 June 2014

This year sees the initiation of International Tennis Day (20 June; date of the Tennis Court Oath, 1789) for the Real Tennis community to come together and celebrate “Tennis” aka Real/Court Tennis/Jeu de Paume et al.

US-based Squash and Tennis historian James Zug has initiated this concept with the full support of the USCTPF and USCTA. James is now asking all other Governing Bodies, Clubs and their members to get behind this initiative as an opportunity to market the sport and your club to fellow players and local and national audiences.

Inspired by World Squash Day, Zug has developed the idea of an ITD principally as a way to raise awareness about the sport globally and as a talking point for current and potential players as well as the media. 

How you decide to do this is up to you.  Clubs, players & pros and social enthusiasts are encouraged to host an event, clinics, open day, tournament or anything that takes your fancy on the 20th June. 

Photographs, Artwork Filming and Webstreaming of events are encouraged to share how you participate on the day and to use to market the sport thereafter. Find ITD on Facebook and at the Twitter address below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Freddy Adam based in the UK.

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Twitter: #iTennisDay

From the ITD Facebook page:

“This is an exciting grass-roots attempt, supported by the USCTA and the USCTPF, to raise the profile and catalyze interest in our game, to motivate current players and to mobilize new ones. Modeled on the successful World Squash Day, International Tennis Day (ITD) annually will be held on 20 June. In 2014 the 20th is the 225th anniversary of the Tennis Court Oath during the French Revolution. The forty-odd clubs around the world will celebrate ITD simultaneously with clinics, exhibitions, marathon matches, parties or whatever suits them. Each participating club receives a handsome, sturdy ITD banner (designed to fit in a grille) for free, courtesy of the Preservation Foundation and can upload photos in real time to the ITD Facebook page and tweet about it at #iTennisDay

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