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Jesmond Dene Country Membership

Jun 16, 2017
The T&RA would wish to support Jesmond Dene at this most important time in the Club's history by encouraging you to sign up for Country Membership

Recent developments at Jesmond Dene which have arisen as a result of the current Lease expiring in 2018. To safeguard its position the Club have been in negotiation with the Landlord - Newcastle City Council - and after a lengthy period of discussion, and with the assistance of professional advisers and friendly Councillors, a resolution of the Club's future has been agreed.

Newcastle City Council have entered into a 250 year Lease with the Club of both the Court and the adjoining house at a peppercorn rental. The house will be the residence of the Club Professional who will commence his appointment towards the end of August, 2017 The basis of the long Lease and more particularly the Club's ability to acquire the freehold of the building within five years of the signing of the Lease comes at a significant financial cost to the Club whereby:

a) Within 12 months of the signing of the Lease the Club has to put the building into a "wind and water" tight condition which will involve significant internal and external scaffolding and;

b) Within the following four years the remainder of works required and agreed to be undertaken at the Club's expense will be carried out. Once a Practical Completion Certificate has been agreed with the Council then the Club will have transferred to it the freehold in the building and will thereafter continue to be solely responsible for all repairs both external and internal and the insuring of the building including the Professional's house.

Jesmond Dene has put together detailed expenditure to implement all works to be undertaken which should not exceed £350,000, although problems often arise and unforeseen works may be required to be undertaken once the agreed works have commenced. The Club is now faced with the raising of the significant capital required.

Real Tennis players from around the UK are now invited to support by becoming Country Members of Jesmond Dene Real Tennis Club. The annual cost is £50 and the Club Website has a link whereby you can click on the box to become a Country Member and complete the Application Form online. This will prove most financially beneficial to the Club and will assist in the undertaking of repairs and improvements to the Court and simultaneously assist with the cost of our appointing a Head Professional.

At the present time there are only a limited number of regular playing Members and the new Professional will need to press ahead with increasing membership and court hours to again assist with the development of the game in the North and increase awareness of Real Tennis generally.

All new Country Members will be put on the data base and sent Club letters and details of competitions, which may be of interest. Equally Country Member would be welcome to visit Newcastle and see for themselves exactly what is being undertaken at the wonderful Court, which is now in need of repair and upgrade.

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