Manchester Gold Racquet 2015

24 Oct 2015

Richard Owen beat Alex Duncliffe-Vines to capture the Manchester Gold Racquet

Singles Draw

Doubles Draw

Plate Singles

Plate Doubles


Round 1

  • P. Sutton bt L. Symonds 15/11 13.15 15/12
  • R. Shenkman bt E. Hyde 15/5 15/9
  • R. Tulley (4) bt G. Loup 15/3 15/11
  • N. James (3) bt C. Membury 15/10 15/11
  • M. Tancer bt N. Harding 15/3 15/1
  • G. Sandbach bt S. Shenkman 15/8 15/11


  • A. Duncliffe-Vines (2) bt Sandbach 13/15 15/10 15/1
  • R. Owen (1) bt Sutton 15/2 15/4
  • R. Shenkman bt Tulley (4) 10/4 retired
  • James (3) b Tancer15/3 15/11


  • Owen (1) bt R. Shenkman 15/8 15/1 15/8
  • Duncliffe-Vines (2) bt James (3) 15/6 12/15 17/15 15/6


  • R. Owen (1) bt A. Duncliffe-Vines (2) 15/1 15/5 15/4



  • A. Duncliffe-Vines & N. James (1) bt J. Bebb & G. Loup 15/9 15/9 15/4
  • R. Shenkman & E. Hyde bt N. Harding & M. Tancer 15/5 15/4 15/4
  • S. Shenkman & P. Sutton bt H. Angus & B. Hegarty 15/7 15/3 15/1
  • Owen & Sandbach (2) bt C. Membery & L. Symonds 15/12 17/15 15/3


  • Duncliffe-Vines & James bt R. Shenkman & Hyde 15/0 15/5 15/8
  • Owen & Sandbach bt S. Shenkman & Sutton 15/8 15/4 15/9


  • Duncliffe-Vines & James (1) bt Owen & Sandbach (2) 10/15 15/8 3/15 18/14 16/15

Plate Competition

  • Singles Final: S. Shenkman bt G. Loup 15/3 15/1
  • Doubles Final: Bebb & Loup bt Membrey & Symonds 15/9 15/13



There will be both a singles tournament for the Manchester Gold Racquet and a doubles tournament. The current holder of the singles title is Will Hopton; and Nick James and Ben Snell are the holders of the doubles title. In previous years a doubles and singles Plate competition has also been organised for the first round losers. The tournament is open to both amateurs and professionals. 

The precise format of the competition will depend on the number of entries. It may be necessary to divide the draw into two or more divisions with only the top-ranking players competing in the top division. It is hoped that many “club” standard players will enter the 2015 tournament in addition to the top-ranking competitors, though they may be asked to play at least some of their matches on the Thursday, before the competition proper, or on the Friday morning. It is anticipated that every competitor will have the opportunity to play a minimum of three rackets matches.


The Tennis Court will be reserved for Gold Racquet competitors on Saturday 24th October. If it proves impracticable to organize both a singles and doubles Plate competition at Rackets, an informal Tennis tournament for the first-round losers may be arranged instead. On Sunday, however, there will be a Family Tennis Tournament for members of MTRC and their relatives; so the Tennis Court will not be available for use by Gold Racquet competitors on that day.

Tournament Dinner:

There will be a Champagne Reception & Black Tie Dinner at the Club on the evening of Saturday 24th October, the price of which is included in the entry fee. Partners and guests are welcome to attend the dinner at £40.00 per person.


Information about local hotels will be made available on request; and some accommodation may be provided by members if required. Competitors should bear in mind the fact that Manchester United will be playing Manchester City at Old Trafford on Sunday 25th October. This may affect the availability of hotel accommodation as well as traffic conditions.

Entry Fees:

The entry fee for amateur players is £135. This will cover the Tournament itself, the Tournament Dinner and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. There will be no entry fee for professional players who will also be provided with lunch at the Club without charge. Reasonable expenses will be paid to professionals based in the United Kingdom; and the Club will consider on an individual basis whether to reimburse all or part of any expenses incurred by professionals based overseas.

Entry Forms:

Entry forms should be completed and returned to the Manager, Stella Heap, (manager@mtrc.co.uk) no later than Wednesday 14th October 2015. Later entries will be accepted only at the discretion of the Organiser. Any postal communications should be addressed to the Manchester Tennis & Racquet Club, 33 Blackfriars Road, Salford, United Kingdom, M3 7AQ (Tel: 0161 834 0616).


It is a condition of entry that a cheque or credit/debit card authority for the entry fee must be provided before the start of the Tournament. Credit/debit card details should be sent with the entry form or provided in advance by e-mail or telephone.

Full Details and Draw

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