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Marking 50 Years by Chris Ronaldson

Update May 08, 2021 (Book published)
Published Mar 22, 2021

‘Marking 50 Years’ by Chris Ronaldson has been published and is available immediately


The world of Real Tennis has changed a great deal in the fifty years since Chris Ronaldson started work as a professional. A player from 1971 or earlier would find that the game itself has changed little, just a rule refinement here and there, but he (and it would be a ‘he’) would find almost all contemporary clubs transformed in atmosphere, with increased levels of activity and a greater variety of players. The game is in far better health than it was in the early 1970s and has a sense of global identity for the first time.

Chris Ronaldson is well placed to reflect on this period. He is the world’s longest-serving current professional; he has scaled the heights as a tournament player, contributed on and off the court to many aspects of the game and worked tirelessly to attract a wider range of players, including more women and juniors.

Cost: £15 for the standard edition and £75 for the limited edition.

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