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Message to all members of the T&RA

May 28, 2020
Latest update for the Tennis & Rackets Association

While the government continues to both develop its evolving policy and distribute its emerging guidelines, the Tennis & Rackets Association continues to work tirelessly on your behalf.

We have all watched, with some envy, outdoor sport start to return to some semblance of normality, even though it may be somewhat more difficult to secure a tee time or a lawn tennis court. The current policy towards indoor sport is unequivocal - you cannot exercise in an indoor sports court, gym or leisure centre, or go swimming in a public pool.

There is good reason for the current caution and the last outcome any one of us would want would be to regress towards a second wave of the pandemic. Hence, we continue to tread with some caution. However, this has not stopped the T&RA constantly probing the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), Sport England and UK Sport for more information and a way to contribute towards their decision making. The T&RA is also talking to the LTA, England Squash and the PSA, as well as watching international development closely, and comparing the way ahead where applicable. Needless to say, the T&RA is in constant dialogue with all UK Clubs, offering support where it is able to help.

In addition to the above, the T&RA is listening to medical advice and the considered thoughts of leading scientists in relevant fields. All the more pertinent when they know and understand our sports, but they are all acutely aware of the hazards surrounding this dreadful virus.

Tennis and Rackets Project Restart Teams have been established involving a small number of the relative Games Committees. Aside from sifting through the evidence, watching for new announcements, the teams will also work towards creating guidelines for the safe reboot of both Games. As and when we approach the time when indoor facilities are opening, the T&RA will ensure that all Clubs and Schools have the relevant information to carry out their own risk assessments as well as providing the all-important guidelines. There will also be guidelines for players to keep you safe. This is no small task as the situation constantly develops.

The final step will be to translate these guidelines into how the 2020/21 season will unfold, which is quite a challenge. Although there is a provisional calendar, it is currently unclear how this will play out. The only certainty is the uncertainty.

You should also be aware that Clubs and Schools will open in accordance with their own assessments and they almost certainly will not all open at the same time. The T&RA’s target is to ensure they have the necessary information to make the decisions. Please be patient as you have been for these last two months.

Further announcements and advice will be issued either via RTO communications or the T&RA website. Please be reassured the T&RA has your interests and safety at the forefront of its thinking.

CSD/ May 2020

Update 3rd June

The government is currently working on the guidance for the next phase of return, which will include further guidance on indoor facilities. This guidance is expected to be published in the coming weeks.

See below for the government guidance on the phased return of sport and recreation.

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