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Neptune announce sponsorship extension

Nov 24, 2009
British Open speech stunner

After watching another British Open victory�for Rob Fahey [believed to be his 40th Open win], Robin Geffen of Neptune in his prizegiving speech made a hugely significant announcement�about future financial support for tennis.��A successful partnership between the T&RA and Neptune over the 08-09 and 09-10 seasons�has led to Neptune offering to�extend their�present sponsorship of tennis, which runs until the end of the 10-11 season, for another five seasons beyond that.� This is an incredibly generous and supportive gesture, one that will undoubtedly leave other games 'wishing they had friends like that' in these tougher economic times.

Most importantly, for the T&RA and tennis it allows us to introduce a higher degree of long term thinking into what we want to achieve over the next five years. This is the same period�that is being looked at�by the�strategic review teams led by Christopher Hopton.�Our targets must include the completion of�one or more new court projects and an increase in player-numbers.

And who knows, maybe even a British winner of the British Open, or better still a British World Champion?!

In the same speech�Robin acknowledged the continuing generosity of Peter Luck-Hille for his work in rebuilding MURTC this year, and for�his support�of the�tennis school there.

24 November 2009

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