Neptune British Junior Open 2016 Results

19 Aug 2016

Friday 19th to Sunday 21st August at The Queen's Club

British Junior Real Tennis Championships 2016

Over 50 youngsters from many different clubs around the country plus a large contingent from France and America competed over 3 days in the top junior event of the year. The event took place at Queens Club over the course of 19th-21st August. The finals were all held on Sunday 21st in front of a large crowd of parents and supporters. Overseas juniors dominated the older age groups with Victor Lethulier from France winning the under 16’s and Erik Barker winning the under 18’s in an all American final.




Queen's Club, Sunday 21st August

Under 18 Erik Barker (Washington DC) bt Noah Motz (Washington DC) 6/5 6/4

Under 16 Victor Lethulier (Fontainebleu) bt Edward Crowston 6/1 6/4

Under 14 William Flynn (Seacourt) bt Ollie Jameson (Seacourt) 6/5 6/2

Under 12 George Parsons (RTC) bt James Medlow (Seacourt) 8/5



Girls Plate

Queen's Club, Friday 19th August

Under 12  Olivia Boulton (Seacourt) bt Martha Jameson (Seacourt)


Saturday 20th August

Under 18 Results

Group A 

A Kavanagh bt M Bremridge 6/0

J Bargent bt M Bremridge 6/0

J Bargent bt A Kavanagah 6/1

H Dron bt M Bremridge bt 6/0

H Dron bt A Kavanagh 6/0

H Dron bt J Bargent 4/2


Group B

C Motz bt C Elmitt 3/1

C Motz bt N Milton 3/2

N Milton bt C Elmitt 4/2

H Dron bt C Elmitt 4/2

H Dron bt C Motz 3/2

H Dron bt N Milton 4/3


Group C 

P Dickinson bt B Yorston 5/3

P Dickinson bt H Stevinson 5/2

H Stevinson bt B Yorston 6/0

H Stevinson bt H Dron 6/0

H Dron bt B Yorston 6/1

H Dron bt P Dickinson 5/3


Group D 

H Lidington bt H Stevinson 6/2

V Hamilton bt H Lidington 6/0

V Hamilton bt N Motz 6/4

V Hamilton bt H Stevinson 6/2

N Motz bt H Lidington 6/2

N Motz bt H Stevinson 6/2


Group E (played on sunday)

E Barker bt A Dyter 6/2

E Barker bt V Hamilton 6/1

E Barker bt N Motz 6/3

V Hamilton bt A Dyter 6/1

N Motz bt A Dyter 6/1

N Motz bt V Hamilton 6/3


Under 16 Results

Group A 

P Logersais bt P Batten 6/1

T Browne bt P Batten 6/0

T Browne bt P Logersais 6/1

T Browne bt O White 6/0

O White bt M Wetton 6/2

O White bt T Browne 6/3


Group B 

A Quelquejay bt T Browne 6/4

M Wetton bt A Quelquejay 6/2

M Wetton bt T Browne 6/5

H Thomas bt A Quelquejay 6/1

H Thomas bt M Wetton 6/2

H Thomas bt T Browne 6/3


Group C 

E Crowston bt A Backhouse 6/4

E Crowston bt H Thomas 6/5

A Blackhouse bt H Thomas 6/3

V Lethuilier bt E Crow 6/2

V Lethuilier bt H Thomas 6/3


Friday 19th August 

Under 12's Results

Group A

B Vallet bt O Boulton 6/1

O Boulton bt M Jameson 4/2

O Boulton bt B Tambling 4/3

B Vallat bt M Jameson 6/0

B Vallat bt B Tambling 4/2

B Tambling bt M Jameson 5/1


Group B 

J Medlow bt G Parsons 5/0

J Medlow bt B Vallet 3/1

J Medlow bt O Boulton 4/1

G Parsons bt B Vallet 2/1

G Parsons bt O Boulton 6/0

B Vallet bt O Boulton 5/1


Group C 

N Eslamdoust bt H Astill 4/3

J Medlow bt N Eslamdoust 3/2

J Medlow bt H Astill 4/1

J Medlow bt G Parsons 4/3

G Parsons bt N Eslamdoust 4/1

G Parsons bt H Astill 3/2


Under 12 Plate Results

Olivia Boulton bt Martha Jameson 6/1


Under 14 Results

Group A 

J Medlow bt J Parsons 4/3

J Medlow bt J Weaver 6/0

J Parsons bt J Weaver 3/1

R Morrison bt J Medlow 4/3

R Morrison bt J Parsons 6/1

R Morrison bt J Weaver 6/1


Group B

J Paterson bt G Dugourd 5/2

J Paterson bt R Morrison 5/3

O Jameson bt J Paterson 6/1

O Jameson bt G Dugourd 6/0

O Jameson bt R Morrison 6/1

G Dugourd bt R Mossion 6/1


Group C

M Jones bt H Daly 3/1

H Daly bt J Paterson 6/1

O Jameson bt M Jones 5/0

O Jameson bt H Daly 4/2

O Jameson bt J Paterson 4/2

J Paterson bt M Jones 4/2


Group D 

W Flynn bt J Handford 6/1

W Flynn bt O Jameson 6/2

W Flynn bt H Daly 6/1

O Jameson bt J Handford 6/1

H Daly bt J Handford 6/5

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