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New Editor for T&RA Annual Report

Mar 06, 2010
Kathryn McNicoll takes the helm

Given that James Fleetwood had to relinquish the Editor's chair, which he handled so well, after 3 years because of 'pressure from the day job', it's hard to think of anyone better qualified to take on the role of Annual Report Editor than Kathryn, who lives in Oxford.� Let her tell it in her own third person singular words:

Kathryn has two brothers, three nephews and one sister-in-law who are Tennis professionals.� She was a teacher of English as a Foreign Language for many�years but is now studying part-time for a Masters degree.� She has been involved in Ronaldson Publications for several years and since the death of her father, Bruce Ronaldson in 2004, who founded�the company�some 25 years ago, she has been the key person behind subsequent publications, involved in all aspects including proof-reading, editing and publishing.� She has also written a short book on Tennis and is due to publish a book on the Tennis World Championships later this year.

Add to that - player at Radley and Oxford, married to a player, and amenable to watching the odd bit of Rackets -�and we have the ingredients for a very worthy successor. Kathryn will be working with Aggie Hudson-Evans in the T&RA Office,�aiming to�deliver a slightly shorter [100 pages] report�at the more usual publication date of late September 2010. They will be writing to all contributors later in the Spring with suggestions as to how we can make the production of the AR as painless as possible for all concerned. We welcome Kathryn to the team, it'll be�a pleasure to work with her, and we send our sincere thanks to James Fleetwood for everything he did.

James Walton,�6�March 2010, T&RA Office

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