New guidance for entering Short Sets and Dead Games

16 Jul 2009

Issued by the T&RA Handicap and Ranking Sub-Committee on Thursday 16 July 09

Recording short sets and dead games

The UK H&RSC has today issued the attached guidance to those responsible for entering results on RTO. 


Short sets - Issue

Current H&RSC guidance requires that short sets are recorded as a complete set e.g. a set commenced from 3-3 which results in a 6-3 win is recorded as 6-3 and not (as perhaps seems more logical) 4-0 where the last point relates the game for winning the set. The previous Handicap Committee reviewed this and determined that this method was simple and any error resulting was likely to be immaterial.



The H&RSC reminds club professionals and others responsible for entering results to RTO that short sets should be recorded as though they were complete sets by adding the requisite number of games. Accordingly, a 3-0 result becomes 6/3, 3/2 becomes 6/5 and so on.


Dead games - Issue

On a related topic, the H&RSC has become aware that there is some confusion in the way professionals and others responsible for entering results to RTO are treating dead games played in social matches, where one player has already won the first two sets. Some are ignoring them in the RTO record, while others are including them. You should be aware that the effect of including them is to ensure that the match is always assessed as a level 1 (lowest level) match. 



While both treatments are acceptable, the H&RSC suggests that club professionals and others responsible for entering results to RTO, adopt a consistent approach and to inform members of their policy.


Roger Pilgrim


16th July 2009

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